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    • I recently decided that I would like to purchase a Reatta as a weekend car. I was 10 years old when the last Reatta was made and I have childhood memories of seeing the car on the road and thinking it was the most beautiful thing ever. I'm excited that I'm now in a position to realize my childhood dream of having one of these beautiful cars.   I am keeping my eyes on the market to see when the right car comes up and then I'm planning on pouncing on it. In the meantime, I really want to spend some time with a Reatta--I can't even remember the last time I saw one in person. The trouble is, I have searched "for sale" listings high and low and there are no Reattas anywhere near me. I am in Orange County in Southern California. Is anyone local? Does anyone know someone in Orange County or LA that would be open to letting me check out their car? I would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to check out a Reatta and to learn from a current owner.    Thank you for considering! 
    • 2Seater.......Yep, symptoms are that of a bad battery, and I still need to do the load test to confirm.  Will do the load test as soon as I get a chance, and also the voltage drain test as shown in the "How To" section of this site.  Get a couple problems fixed, and another one shows its head.....just the nature of the beast I suppose.
    • Thank you for the offer... I guess if the switch doesn't fix it, then the CRT is on the way out of service.  
    • I have extra used CRTs if you are interested. However I am on vacation and won't return until March 1. I also don't know what I paid for them to arrive at a price. If interested I can be reached at;  lemke1044@aol.com
    • After the relay swap a few weeks ago, the CRT was working normally, but then the mode buttons around the edge became unstable or quit working. Drove the car this morning for 26 miles, parked for a few hours and when I started back home, the CRT went blank again. I thought I would be clever and replace the two RAP relays that I had swapped before to get it working, but after paying $40 for a pair of Standard Relays from the auto parts stores, I get no joy at all. I can hear the edge buttons working somewhat but the screen has gone black permanently, it seems. All of the fuses are checked and fine.  I tracked down an OEM ignition switch from eBay seller for $45, so I guess that is the next step in repairs. 
    • So we have good news and bad news? It is certainly possible to get a bad battery, or have a cell go bad but is it possible there is a loose connection somewhere between battery, alternator and ground? Is the battery actually getting the indicated charge, checked with a voltmeter at the battery terminals? It sounds like you have been covering all those bases so if that all checks out, it will need a charge and load test or there is a large draw somewhere pulling the battery down quickly. If nothing obvious, I would bet the battery is bad. I have experienced similar but generally with older batteries. Drive fifty miles, charging well, stop for 1/2hr, go to start and CLICK. No warning.
    • Got the new Bosch O2 Sensor in and installed it.  Old AC one in front, and the Bosch in the back:     I installed it and today took the 89 Reatta out for a test drive.  The battery had been on charge (low amp) since the prior day, and the battery was at 13.2 volts before I tried starting her up.  Only got a real slow cranking attempt from the starter, as if the battery was almost dead.  Checked the battery after the failed start, and it was now only at about 11 volts.  I then charged it all morning and tried again after lunch......13.4 volts, but a super sick/weak starter action, but just enough to start the V6.  Drove her 15 miles on the highway, and came back. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!   No "Service Engine Soon" light coming on, and no CRT flashing that "Electrical Warning".  So, the new O2 Sensor solved that problem.   However, now I have a battery issue.  When I was driving, the CRT screen was showing a constant 14.1 volts, but after getting back from the drive, the voltage was 12.8 and slowly dropping.  I tried starting, but it was just a flat "umphhh", and the starter did not want to crank.  I then checked the battery, and she was reading 11.2 volts.  So I need to do a load test on the "new" battery.......I guess sometimes new batteries do go bad.   Has anyone else had similar battery issues?
    • yes I did fill the reservoir that way.  The level was right at the mark. The other day I pumped the brake pedal until the accumulator was empty to check the level, it was slightly below the mark. 
    • 2seater is right.  It's important to fill the reservoir this way.  The reservoir will overflow if you add more fluid after the pump has filled the accumulator and pulled the fluid level down below the full mark.
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