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  2. Maybe so. I seem to remember an electric bicycle in someone's garage when I visited?? A form of hybrid I guess, like an early moped is with actual pedals😂
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  4. Sounds like a "Trekky"!
  5. That's the 60's motto: if it feels good, do it.
  6. That is one solution for sure🙄 Despite my spending lots of time, and some amount of money on an obsolete platform, my next vehicle will likely be all electric. The very definition of torque on demand. That will be for simplicity, but the Reatta thing still feels good and the experiments are educational, if not logical.
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  8. NP I just bought something like a Reatta but with 273 lb-ft of torque. Problem solved.
  9. Was assuming an 89 which has a CRT. Is this not working either ? To take lights and dash (speedo), and CRT out is more than just a simple issue. BTW for ABS codes you jumper A-H in the ALDL connector and count flashes of the ABS light (said it was on).
  10. I am only speculating as I just don't have that much experience with touch screen cars. I believe some functions are operated through the BCM rather than directly controlled via a switch, but I do not know what is and isn't, so I do not want to add complication🤢
  11. I appreciate the input and understand I can lock the TCC from the ALDL but I want to do sort of the opposite. I want to unlock, or block, the lockup under conditions of boost at low throttle openings. I know this is sort of a Rube Goldberg, but since I am belatedly aware of how little throttle is required to have above atmospheric conditions in the intake, under some conditions, that it seems most expedient. Hopefully it is more temporary than permanent. Eventually maybe the chip can be programmed more appropriately to address high load and relatively low rpm. At this point probably easiest ju
  12. I haven't checked that. Do you think that would help if they did? Everything else seems to work, power seats, windows but I'm thinking it's a fuse or two blown.
  13. I can't pull the codes, neither the dash or the CRT light up. I've been looking at the manuel and apparently there are two fuse blocks under the dash on either side of the steering column. I'm sure, with all the sensitive electronics, they have to be shielded by at least one fuse.
  14. But do not leave on when coming to a stop, it will stall the engine.
  15. Or it could be the crimped connections under the drive's and passenger seat.
  16. If you place a switch between the two contacts on the ADL you can control the lockup with it. It gives you 1st gear /w OD, second gear /w Od and 3rd gear w\/w OD. Or you can lock it up whenever yu want.
  17. I received the low pressure switch I intend to use to unlock the TCC, divorced from throttle position. Looking at the wiring diagrams, I can break either the power or ground side of the Clutch solenoid. My preference is the ground side where it heads toward the ECM. My diagram indicates a splice exists where the ECM wire and the ALDL wire join, which would seem convenient if I can find it🙄. Access to the plug on the transaxle is sort of problematic, the turbo piping restricts access. Cold and windy has settled back in place so exploration will be delayed.
  18. Aren’t the lights in question controlled through the BCM? Do the exterior lights work?
  19. Need to pull the codes and find out why the ABS lights.
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  21. Hey guys! Well I finally got back to my Reatta, replaced the faulty positive cable with a complete one supplied by Jim. She starts great however, no interior lights and no dash lights with the exception of the ABS idiot light. So, Tinkerbell still lives, giving me hope that I've just got a blown fuse or two that I missed. Of course I'm hoping I haven't done serious damage but I'll keep looking and hoping.
  22. You're looking at jon's car. Just checked out your link, that is not jon's car but another example of super charged.
  23. Not mine but an amazing specimen!
  24. No, I didn't have anything to post on YouTube, and do not have a supercharged engine as of yet. Thanks for asking.
  25. @2seater are you the one that posted that supercharged Reatta video on youtube? If so, your car is amazing!
  26. If you can find a master cylinder for $150.00 let me know as I will buy as many as they have...
  27. The low miles is a positive but the other information begs the question, why were so many items replaced when not normally worn out at those miles? Salvage title and no photos? How did it pass inspection with a brake issue?
  28. My son purchased this red 1990 Reatta coupe from the family that owned since new. Car only has 55,000 miles, with many new parts installed including but not limited to: Timing set Sway bar links Front and rear struts Rear brake hoses Subframe mount New brakes and tires Only 55,000 miles! Car has a rebuilt title, only reason is prior owner rear-ended, has large dent on hood, although frame intact. Car is inspected, runs good. Needs a master cylinder, that is all I am aware of, cheap $150 fix. Great project car, I have over $3500 i
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