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A forum for discussing and sharing information about the Buick Reatta. Come in and make yourself at home!

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    • Hello Reatta owners,  I am Gary from CA, and I have 3 of these Baby Buicks as I call them, I have been looking for the correct color material for my White '91 with "Flame Red" interior, Is it possible there is another name for this color, any other members face this in the past? I have tried and gone in so many directions looking for the correct color I am about ready to replace with a black or charcoal headliner. Any help is very much appreciated, Thanks in advance!
    • I don’t think it will throw a code but not positive. You will lose the spark retard protection for engine knock or detonation.
    • What are the consequences of disconnecting the knock sensor?
    • Went out to Gibsons today and picked up a Delco Ignition Module/Coil Pack from a 199 Pontiac Bonneville. It had 99,xxx miles. Installed it in Gibson's lot and test drove it home. Works great. Took the Delco unit I just took off in the trunk for emergency roadside repair and put the Magnavox I had been carrying around back in the parts bin to be used on the '88.   I really should get another one to have in the 'vert for when she goes to Texas. Only $21.00 w/tax.
    • I found these in the trunk of the ‘89 I just got from Daves89. They were loose under the carpet in the trunk, marked L and R with slightly different contours. One side slips over the edge of something thin and a single push pin on side opposite. About four inches across. 
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