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On 9/18/2021 at 11:07 PM, Philbo said:

@2seater Here are the pictures I promised you.  So the repair bearing sits just outside of flush with the axel housing  (sticks out about 1/8").  I measured to the interior edge of the rollers of the repair bearing and compared to where that is in relation to the point on the axel that is flush with the exterior of the bearing.  As you can see the rollers of the repair bearing ride just exterior to the worn portion of the axel.  I did not get a picture of the stock bearings before I removed them but I found this picture online that is representative of how far inside the axel housing the OE bearings ride.  I don't know.  Figured I will give it a try.  If nothing seems amiss when I drive it for the first time.  I will probably give them 1000 miles or so and then pull the axels back out and just see what it looks like.





Note: For clarification, this is on my '95 GMC not my reatta.


@2seater you may recall this post from a while ago. I figured I would report back. These repair bearings failed, but not it the way I assumed they would.  One side worked it's way out. There is not enough room for it to come out completely but it came out far enough that the flange of the hub ate up the seal and it started leaking like crazy.  I suppose there is a reason GM designed the original bearings to press farther into the axel housing.


I knew this was a bit of a gamble to try them but was curious. After testing them out though, I would not recommend them to anyone. Just buy new bearings and axels and do a proper repair.

Picture of the bearing worked out:



What it should look like: 


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