Reatta Owners Journal

Sometimes the jargon used in forums and in the factory repair manuals can be confusing.

Refer to the following if you need help sorting it all out.

Non Automotive:
Frequently used on the automotive forums

-As Far As I Remember

-Friendly Local Auto Parts Supply.

LOL -Laughing Out Loud

FSM -Field Service Manual

-Read The Factory Manual


-Anti-Lock Brake System

-Assembly Line Diagnostic Link

Body Control Module. This is the computer the controls the functions on the car like the Climate Control, Lighting systems and many other systems other than the engine controls.
BCM is also used in reference to the Blower Control Module.

BLM -Block Learn mode. This is often referred to as the “long term” fuel trims. Long term in computer speak is a few seconds.

CEL - Check Engine Light
CPS -Central Power Supply.This is a voltage transformer and conditioner that supplies power to a number of components on the Reatta that require voltages other than the normal 12 volts DC.

CPS is used frequently in reference to the Crank(shaft) Position Sensor

CRT -Cathode Ray Tube (In reference to the GCC -Graphic Control Center)

CTS -Coolant Temperature Sensor . Measures the temperature of the engine coolant and sends that information to the ECM for fuel and spark calculations.

-Digital Volt Meter

EBCM -Electronic Brake Control Module

ECM -Engine Control Module. This is the computer that runs the engine systems, gathers information and makes corrections to the systems as needed.

ECC -Electronic Climate Control. This is the control panel for the '90 & '91 models

EGR -Exhaust Gas Recirculation (valve) . Primarily used as an emission control it has a major benefit of cooling the combustion chambers, which helps control detonation.
FPR -Fuel Pressure Regulator.

GCC -Graphic Control Center
IAC -Idle Air Control . This is usually a small stepper motor that moves a pintle in a seat to regulate airflow at idle and is expressed in steps, usually 0-255.

ICM -Ignition Control Module . Ignition system control module is located under the coils.
INT -Integrator. Also called the “short term” fuel trims, as in a second or two.

-Instrument Panel Cluster. This is the panel in the dash that displays engine functions, speed ect.

MAF -Mass Air Flow (sensor) . This sensor tells the ECM how much air is entering the throttle body. The most common MAF’s are the “heated wire” type.

MAP -Manifold Absolute Pressure (sensor). This sensor is used in place of a MAF on some systems; it measures pressure within the intake manifold and sends the readings to the ECM for fueling calculations

MAT -Manifold Air Temperature (sensor). This device measures the temperature of the air in the inlet tract.

O2 -Commonly used to refer to the oxygen sensor. This sensor “reads” the oxygen content of the exhaust gasses and reports that to the ECM.

PCM -Powertrain Control Module. This serves the same function as the ECM, except that it also controls the transmissions in vehicles equipped with “electronic” transmissions.

PSI - Pounds per Square Inch (Pressure)
SES - Service Engine Soon

TPS -Throttle Position Sensor . This is a potentiometer that tells the ECM how far open the throttle blades are. Its readings are in percentage and voltage (0-5 vdc)

-Vehicle Speed Sensor. This sensor tells the ECM how fast the vehicle is moving.

WSS - Wheel Speed Sensor

Thanks to 88atta, member of the  Reatta forums, for this information.

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