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The following instructions are for removing the Instrument Panel Cluster [IPC] from 1990-91 model Reattas.

Instructions for 1988-89 models are slightly different.

Reatta Instrument Cluster Removal Video

Reatta Instrument Cluster Removal Instructions

There are 4 torx screws, 2 above the Instrument Control Panel [IPC], and 1 in the top edge of each heat/ac vent.

The two top screws that go straight up into the dash may not there on the 1991 models.  There may only be two mold marks where the holes would have been had the screws been installed.

After you remove the screws, carefully grasp the trim panel working your fingertips under the panel. The trim piece is made up of 2 elements, metal top piece and plastic backing piece. The trim panel is held in place by a number of self grasping clips. After you get that panel off you will see that the IPC is held in place by 4 more Torx screws. Remove those and gently grab the IPC on either end and with a slight rocking motion pull off.

The plugs are held in place by the back of the dash. Do not attempt to remove them unless you want to spend about 30 minutes trying to get them back in place.

Spray both the male portion of the plug on the IPC as well as the female plug in the harness with electric contact cleaner and reinstall.

Replacement is the reversal of the removal.

Thanks to DAVES89, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.


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