This is not a procedure to repair the stock light panel. It is a modification of the light panel to replace the luminescent light panel with aftermarket LED's

The luminescent strip that lights up the P-R-N-D-3-2-1 will eventually go bad.  AutoZone has a blue led light strip from Pilot Automotive #CZ181B. I bought 2 light strips, but you might be satisfied with one.

Shifter Panel Removal Procedure:

  • Remove shifter knob.
    • On the back side of the knob there is a hog ring that needs to be pried out
    • Pull straight up on the knob and set it aside
  • Next remove the shifter panel
    • Working the panel up with your fingertips
      (The panel is held in place by snap clips)
    • Unfasten the electrical connector
    • The panel should now be free from the car.

Repair The Shifter Light Panel :

  • Remove the 3 screws, on the back side of the panel, that hold the light panel in place
  • Remove the protective panel then the luminescent panel.
  • Cut 2 slots from the outside edge to the width of the LED strip

    Leave a center piece of original material for support on both ends of the plastic housing. This is so you can run the LED light strips through the unit, replacing the original luminescent panel

  • Reinstall the top black panel and reinstall the screws
  • The unit comes with a test button and batteries. Cut them off
  • Fish the remaining wire lead through the console to the fuse box and wire it in.
    (Don't worry about the extra led light strip that hangs over. You can either leave it or trim it off. Only trim the end on the opposite end of the wire lead. )

You now have a 12 volt factory look console. The only downside is that you will not have the "ring" that goes around the designation of what gear you are in. But it looks factory and the LED bulbs match up to the shifter light openings.

I did this 2 years and 30000 miles ago and it was one of the best "upgrades" that I ever did. It took me a little over an hour to do, because of all the "1st time" figuring, but it really is not that difficult and can be done in about 30-45 minutes time.

Tape up the old electroluminescent panel and plug it back into it's socket and then leave it in the console. If you do not have all three items plugged in, the window and mirror switches will not light up.

Thanks to members of the AACA Reatta forum for this information.

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