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My search for better performance

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This should be titled stupid pet tricks?


Stop at the gas station to fuel up. This was the Yamaha 750 triple, four stroke. Triple disc brakes, shaft drive, self cancelling turn signals, fairly high tech for a mid 70’s bike, but heavy. After fueling, putting gloves back on and leaning against bike. Reach over to hit start button while next to bike. Bike still in gear apparently but touch starter and it lurches forward just enough for the stand to fold. Slow motion the bike leans over against me and keeps leaning as I try to ease it down while trying to look like I meant to do that. Man, what a dufus move. Only saving grace was early morning on way in to work. 

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I did have a 49cc Honda Spree and my big deal was wanting to get "leathers" and go to a biker bar...


Never did it, my neighbor talked me out of it.

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