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    Went out to Gibsons today and picked up a Delco Ignition Module/Coil Pack from a 199 Pontiac Bonneville. It had 99,xxx miles. Installed it in Gibson's lot and test drove it home. Works great. Took the Delco unit I just took off in the trunk for emergency roadside repair and put the Magnavox I had been carrying around back in the parts bin to be used on the '88. I really should get another one to have in the 'vert for when she goes to Texas. Only $21.00 w/tax.
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    * Words cannot express my appreciation of that!.... Although, most people call me persistently annoying...
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    I found this on a Mazda Miata forum and I thought it was an interesting view of how others see our Reattas. I thought you might find it interesting too.
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    I should get busy and take some pictures before the 'vert goes to Texas...
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    Regarding the brakes, I waited for you to say [or not say] anything about that. Seriously I am glad you have the cars and happier that your family has a need for them. A side note; When I went to Minnesota to get the car, I really didn't want to buy it, but the guy was unemployed, and because it didn't run and was sitting at a repair shop he was going to be charged a per day storage charge as he didn't have the money for repairs. So as I had a tow dolly with me and thought worse case scenerio I could part it out and then tow it to the yard. So I got it back home, took a couple of parts I needed that were better then what I had [a perfect illuminated shifter, swapping back another one in, and a couple of other parts] and offered it to 2seater. If he wouldn't have taken it, it was the junk yard for it. So I like to think we all won...
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    I don't know if the size is a good or not so good sign but I will be interested to see how it all pans out. Just from observation of reports over many years, it seems the monolithic brick style is more prone to ICM failure than the coils, and the opposite is true of the individual coil style, where the coils are more prone to failure. Maybe from being driven harder to produce the greater output?? It would be nice to find something that combines all the best traits in one package.
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    It's possible the sensor is bad but I don't think you have a problem. The temperature rise you are seeing is sometimes referred to as "heat soak". It is normal and is caused by the coolant flow suddenly stopping while the cylinder heads and cylinders are still really hot. That heat has no where to go so it starts raising the temperature of the coolant in the engine which will show up on the temperature gauge.
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    Also today I asked my wife if she would do a "nail polish" job on my center caps. She did a great job on all 8 wheels [the 'vert and the Red]. I had the Red this morning as I had appointments to run so she did the 'vert first. She complained that is was too hard to do the center caps on the car so I removed the wheels on the Red to make her job easier. Turned out well. I like using nail polish as it dries to a hard glossy and comes in the dark rich Red,White, and Blue which is the Buick Tri shield colors.
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    Hopefully later this week I will get to Gibsons. I had a little run on alternators and need one more. Also need to get another coil pack. There is a 199 Pontiac Bonneville that just came in. Has less then 100,000 miles. After I pull them I will do what I always do. Install them in my car and the one that was in the car becomes "inventory" so I know I have a good working unit in the parts bin...
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    I admire your dedication to find the source of your problem. Most people would have given up and took the car to a garage or would have sold he car. Your testing went way beyond with I did in the tutorial I wrote. I learned a lot from what you have done. My tutorial was intended to be a basic test to determine why an engine wouldn't start if you had no spark. Your testing covered that and much more. Good job! I've not had time to watch all the videos but I will soon.
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    How many 2 door coupes can actually carry a dog and wife (plus obligatory bags) comfortably on a 7 hour, overnight trip?
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    I took my '89 Black in for a tranny filter and change and when they dropped the pan they actually had a piece of the fiber clutch. I watched through the window in the waiting room when the guy dropped the pan and pull the piece out and then show it to another tech. I had them finish and continued to drive the car. I got about another 30,000 miles out of the tranny, but then when the tranny died, it died fast [slipped badly with severe shudders]. But keep in mind I drive a lot of highway miles so that probably gave me extra time. I later swapped it out with a ultra low mileage tranny from a salvage yard [the car 2seaters son has] about 5 years ago and it works great with no problems. The Red also got a tranny swap when I did my engine swap. Not so much that it was bad, it just wouldn't shift out of 1st at wide open throttle. I got a fresh rebuild tranny out of a salvage yard and knew I would never be able to swap it out for cheaper ever again. It proved to be a wise decision as the replaced tranny performs flawlessly in every way.
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    This is the most thorough investigation of the CPS I have seen and am impressed. Is it possible the 18x are the non-pulses, the in betweens? Conventional wisdom says the CPS either works or not, but it appears that over time, we are finding that it is not true. There can be partial failures, or intermittent failures too, making diagnosis much more difficult.
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    Ronnie, as always, thanks for the info and going the extra mile referencing your own tranny. I will look into re: modulator valve. Since I can't get under cars any longer, I will contact a very reputable tranny service shop in my home town...they rebuilt the tranny on my once owned '85 Riviera about ten years ago. Update: the '91 tranny does have a modulator valve....looked it up in the parts and illustrations book.
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    You stirred my curiosity about how my transmission fluid looks so I went to the garage and pulled out the dipstick. My records indicate my fluid and filter was changed shortly after I got my car in 2007. That was about 29,000 miles ago. The fluid in my car is still bright red and smells normal. If I were you I would be a little concerned about why your fluid is leaning toward being brown instead of red as it should be. Dark fluid, especially if it has a burned smell, could be an indication that something might not be right with the transmission causing the fluid to get too hot. Generally speaking, heat is what causes fluid to turn dark. That heat is usually caused by the transmission slipping too much when it changes gears. My experience is fluid with only 10,300 miles should still be like new. I think it would be wise to drop the transmission pan and change the fluid and filter. When you, or whoever does the work, removes the pan allow the fluid to pour out slowly so it leaves any small particles in the pan. Then examine any pieces of material you find in the pan closely to determine if they are metal, plastic or clutch material. There should be a magnet in the pan that you can examine to see how much metal it has picked up. Finding a little bit of clutch material in the pan and finding a little metal particles on the magnet is normal at 108,000 if the pan has never been off before and only a flush was done. If you find some larger pieces in the pan you can bet something is going on with the transmission but it may not mean the transmission is going out anytime soon. It is something you want to know about and it might give you some idea of what is causing the fluid to turn brown so quickly. I don't know if your electrically shifted '91 transmission has a vacuum modulator valve on it or not. If it does, a bad modulator valve can cause the transmission shifts to be too soft causing excessive slipping of the clutches between gears. That slipping generates excessive heat in the fluid and can turn it dark even if the transmission is otherwise good internally. When you drive it again take note of how the transmission shifts when accelerating quickly through the gears. If it seems to just slide from one gear to another instead of having a good firm shift the modulator valve (if the '91 has one) could be the problem.
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    This youtube channel guy shows how to test the CPS when the engine is running, with an oscilloscope analyzer. ** This should be recommended as an educational video, to understand the 3800 CPS The 18x pulses are regularly spaced. Of course, we know the 3x signals are not quite even (because the teeth have different size gaps). It's apparently the interplay between overlap of the 18x and 3x gaps that indicates to the ICM when and which spark plug fires. And of course, there are only 3 firings, since this is a 'waste spark' ignition. https://youtu.be/jACyNHl_L1g
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    I guess that is odd but I've never counted the pulses. I just checked to see if they were there. You have a good meter. My old one I had at the time I wrote the tutorial wouldn't work for testing the CPS. I have since bought a new meter that might work but I've not tried it on the CPS tests. I don't believe it's as good as the meter you have.
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    With a four stall garage, that place would be perfect🙃
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    That is actually not my property. Except for the shed behind the cars that is now a vacant lot as the owners of the property were elderly and passed leaving the house to the kids. Because the house was in such bad shape they did not take the property and the city foreclosed on it for non payment of taxes. The lady down the street purchased the property, tore down the house and it now is a "green space". She uses the shed for storage and I keep the grass cut and do the snow blowing as part of some needed exercise. The dogs [mine and one neighbor] use the yard and the kids come over to play on it. When the city still had it I would store my boat [now gone] in the driveway in the summertime and Kdirk and I would buy junker Reattas and strip them in the driveway before Gibson's would take them away.
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    This is one of my favorite photos of your Reattas. Beautiful cars.
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    I made them from some old Reatta center caps. You have to cut them down to make them fit the small center caps and it takes a lot of time. You might be better off buying some from Dave if your time is worth anything to you.
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    If you want to use it I would put it on the boots but not get too carried away with it. I think a good dielectric grease like Permatex Tune up grease, made for that purpose, would be better than plain silicon grease shown in that packet.
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    Radiotowerdude, have you tried this http://reattaowner.com/roj/component/content/article/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=61:digital-dash-panel-a-crt&id=181:instrument-panel-lights-troubleshooting it helped me fix my lights.
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    Everything looks good. I like the wheels. For a few bucks you can get chrome lugnuts from Amazon that would look really good on those wheels. They would be like icing on the cake.
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    Looks good, however you may want some chrome acorn nuts [available for cheap on ebay] as well as some Reatta center caps to not confuse someone looking at your car. I do like Pontiac wheels. I had thought about getting some in the past.
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