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Headlight Arm Rubber Bumper Help

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Hi everyone, Im new to this forum, although I have come here many times to read through topics and responses, and it has been very helpful in sorting out issues on a 1988 Reatta I purchased last year.


I know the headlights are a very common topic, but after replacing the bushings inside the motor and still experiencing troubles, I thought someone may be able to help.


My headlights continue to stay up/down or one up/one down when the lamp retract is pushed. Usually I can manually twist the headlamp motor to a position where the lamps will go up/down several times, but eventually they will start to freeze up. I wanted to eliminate the possibility that all of my headlamp issues are coming from the fact that I do not have the Rubber Bumpers that would have originally come with the headlamps. Is it possible this could be the cause of my headlight issues ( I am aware of the replacement arms, but it appears these do not include the rubber bumpers). Do these bumpers stop the motor from hyperextending to a point where they will no longer activate?


If someone could explain how important these bumpers are and where I may find some, (or part #) that would be amazing. I wanted to eliminate this as a possibility before I buy replacement aftermarket arms.


(also does anyone know if the plastic caps for the manual headlamp open/close are available for sale anywhere?)



Jordan DeLarge

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I don't believe your issue is the "up stops" which are there to stop the "jiggle" of your headlights as you drive down the road which is not what you are complaining about. I think your problem is in the arms as you are able to turn the knob and raise/lower your headlights, but every so often they "freeze" when you try to open/close the headlight pod which is a sure sign of wear. 


 You might want to review the headlight info in the "How to" tips tab located on the top of the page. There is a lot of information there about lights as well as many other things.

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