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BCM Part Number & Does it need reprogrammed?

Mckays Reatta

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Hello Reatta friends,

For some time now I have had several issues with my 1990 Reatta, like the trip meter won't reset, the climate control module will not enter into diagnostics (swapped it out with another one got same results), my headlights will work sometimes, etc.

I have searched for similar issues and came to the conclusion that the BCM is going bad.

The next problem I have is what is the correct part number for the 90' I found one listed as 88999224 (AC Delco) and another listed as 1228253, I don't want to spend that much money and get the wrong one.

And to top it all off I thought that all you have to do was just replace the prom and you are good to go, but everything that I read from part stores they say you need to re-program the BCM, is that true?


If anyone can help me I would appreciate it, and also if anyone is willing to part with one of their spares for a decent price I would love it.

Thank You


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I can't help much but the second part number listed, 1228253, is the ECM. I do not know if the other number is a BCM, but I "thought" the PROM in the BCM only need be swapped, but that is only a guess. As far as I know, the code for the BCM has never been hacked, so aftermarket programming is not available, but I am unsure about dealership programming.

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Rockauto says 88999224 is the correct number for the BCM but they also say it needs to be programmed locally. I've never heard of anyone having to reprogram the BCM after installation. Programming should be stored in the PROM.

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