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Power windows


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Just joined, glad this is out there and hello to fellow reatta owners. I have a 88 coupe. I got this car quite by chance

and have growned to really love it but lately been having some issues. Have 90k on it.

Power windows went from having to close gradually (ie once i rolled down i would have to roll up a bit, wait a while roll up a bit more etc) now they barely move. Any ideas? My x-gf had a ford that pw stop working and a buddy just cleaned the selenoid or something? any input would be appreciated


Also replaced alternator and battery a month ago and yesterday charging system failed. gauge shows only 10 volts.

Going to check and see if alternator when bad being a rebuilt but outside of that any ideas?  Have had some electrical issues

from the start and thought i had them fixed finally. I  replaced the ICM and the whole wire harness as well that connects it


Really worried about electrical gremlins as i know they can be very hard to diagnose and very expensive, I dont want to have

to give up the car already got a fair bit into it!

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Welcome to the forum Reatta88!


First thing you will need to do is get the battery charging. Sounds like you have a bad alternator or a bad connection.


The problem is either a dry/dirty window track or the window is out of the track. The reason it goes part way and stops is because resistance on the motor gets too great and the breaker trips. After it cools down the breaker resets and allows you to try again. Eventually the motor or the relay will fail for good if you keep forcing it to work. Repairs need to be made before that happens.


My windows got really slow and spraying WD-40 in the track made a huge difference. Roll the window down and stick the spray tube down beside the window and the track on the front side and spray. Then carefully pull back the black boot on the other end of the door so you can spray that track too. Run the window up and down (maybe part way to begin with). Repeat until the window track is well lubricated. Your window will get oily but it will clean up.

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