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Question about pulling rear calipers to fix rattling brake pads


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My 1990 Reatta has the infamous and annoying rear brake pad rattle I have read about.


A previous owner had the pads replaced, but apparently the original style anti-rattle springs were not replaced at that time. I bought the Centric kit that has the items to stop the rattle, so I need to pull the calipers to install the kit. This will be my first time working on disc brakes.


The Factory Service Manual instructions state that the parking brake cable needs to be removed from the caliper. Is that really necessary? I intend to leave the brake hose connected and hang the caliper with a wire from the strut, not completely remove the caliper from the car.


If I do need to disconnect the parking brake cable, the FSM states the tension on the cable needs to be relieved at the parking brake equalizer. I can't find anything in the FSM that shows where the equalizer is located and how to adjust it. I see the intermediate cable where it splits into separate cables for left and right wheel. If that is the equalizer, what is the procedure for adjusting it? I don't want to break anything.

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I have never done anything with the parking brake cable except release it from the caliper actuator. The rear brake piston must be screwed in to retract the piston if installing new pads but that's about it. When the parking brake is released in the cab the actuator arm at the caliper should be back against the stop. 

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Problem solved. I just needed to move the parking brake lever out of the way using vise grips on the lever to pull it back and out of the way so I could access and remove the upper caliper mounting bolt.


I lifted the caliper up and out of the way so I could install the Centric kit clips onto the caliper mounting bracket. Success! No more rear brake rattle. This was especially noticeable with the top down on my 1990 convertible. With the top up and windows closed, the rattle was not noticeable. But top down...UGH, that rattle was super annoying!


If your Reatta has an annoying rattle coming from the rear, chances are it's the replacement brake pads rattling. The Centric kit comes with other parts I didn't need, however I replaced the upper and lower rubber boots on the caliper bracket as well since they were exposed and easy to change. The upper and lower clips are easy to insert.


Centric PN 117.62026 available from several vendors including Summit Racing. I paid $17 from CARID

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 10.02.20 PM.png

Centric kit diagram.2.jpg

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