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CRT Woes


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Welp, it seems like the CRT on my 88' finally decided to go out. When I first got the car, the bottom half of the screen would intermittently get fuzzy, and it kept on like that for a while. Driving home today, just as I pulled into the neighborhood (and hit a surprise bump) the screen went nearly dead. I specify "nearly" because I can tell it's trying to work, in the very center of the screen you can barely see a handful of lines depending on which setting it's on. I'm certain touch works fine, but I really don't want to go off of memory to get my heater working in the coming winter.


I'm capable of repairing electronics, but I've never touched any type of CRT before. On top of that, what are the symptoms of an issue on the CRT vs an issue with any of the other components, like the controller? I want to have a decent idea of what the cause could be before I go ripping any components out.

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I know aging capacitors are generally a problem with Reattas after a point. They crack and leak and stop working. 

resoldering new capacitors would be one task needed if rebuilding your CRT

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