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How to: installation of (front )Saab Wheel speed sensors on 90 Reatta (pics)


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Pretty self explanatory. They are 1/4" longer than OEM. Need to purchase 1/4" plexiglass, and longer bolts. The mounting holes have a metal sleeve, that can either be ground down, or as i did, ground out so the spacer lays flat. The clearance is slightly larger than a razor blade... should be sufficient. The right side sensor can be used also on the left side. It will be about a week before I get the rest of the suspension work completed and I will update on performance and function.Screenshot_20230311-183129_AmazonShopping.thumb.jpg.db5edd7720d2537cd7ab7d48f409ccae.jpg 20230311_172337.thumb.jpg.7892eb819c43f10b2541b1b01265d3a5.jpg20230311_175747.thumb.jpg.6ec7b5597059f5e9317bc1a3a424c809.jpg20230311_172452.thumb.jpg.040a417038ef648895f986336ecc729d.jpg20230311_175355.thumb.jpg.a8fbe7c68421d8ddddb940720ce27874.jpg20230311_175312.thumb.jpg.6522e105070888d606c10d58ccc29ee1.jpg

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