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Headlight Switch

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I need help for my headlight switch assembly. It started when I pressed the lights button and the switch fell into the module. I took it out, and when I disassembled the housing, well a whole bunch of stuff came out (Spring loaded). Ive reassembled it to the point where I can flip up my headlights, but they do not stay up. The button has to be constantly pressed for them to stay up. Ive also noticed that the seal of the module was broken long ago, so the owner before mine has messed with it. He wasn't the brightest. If anyone has a service page on the switch, or IPB that would be greatly appreciated. I dont have hundreds of dollars to get a new switch. Searched up every number, name, and manufacturer for it, along with ALLDATADIY referencing all equaling up to nothing. 

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Contact Jim Finn reattas60@gmail.com. He rebuilds the headlight switches.

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