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Digital dash repair

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 In search of a reliable place to repair my digital instrument display

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have you tried disconnecting the negative cable for 15 minutes and reattaching it to see if it works... also make sure the battery is fully charged.....if no error code is showing could be a battery drain

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Check out these places. One of them should be able to help you out.


  • We Can Repair Most Any Problem in Any Speedometer or Instrument Cluster. email:customerservice@southernelectronics.com or call:1-800-446-2880

  • DIGITAL DASH SOLUTIONS offers full support, service & sales for most GM instrument clusters. My repair service is backed by 25 years of experience with automotive electrical systems. Phone: 1-860-583-0629 Email: digital_dash_solutions@comcast.net

  • Prospeedo.com can program your BCM eProm for the correct mileage and VIN.The price is high and you have to sign the certification they supply.

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If you're looking to replace the IPC, then its good to remember that the '90-'93 Riviera used the same one.

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