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Cherohala Skyway Fall Color Cruise


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My daughter and I had a wonderful trip in the Reatta today. We took a six hour drive to take in the beautiful Fall colors. We began our trip by driving 70 miles to Bald River Falls at the West end of the Cherohala Skyway near Tellico Plains, TN. Although water levels are lower than normal due to the drought, the water falls were still beautiful.


Bald River Falls



We had about a 20 minute delay as the emergency personnel retrieved a motorcycle off the side of an embankment because a motorcycle rider had ran off the road. Many riders have lost their lives on the stretch of road and the Dragon may have claimed another life today. It isn't uncommon to have a motorcycle pass you on the inside as you go around the curves. We got passed in a curve twice today. The motorcycle they pulled from the embankment was mangled and twisted so bad it was almost unrecognizable. I have to wonder if he might have been one of the bikes that passed us earlier.


Get out and drive those Reattas! Post your stories here.


Photos of the Skyway:






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Wow Ronnie, those views are quite amazing. Maybe some day I will be able to take a trip back east in my Reatta to take in those majestic landscapes.


Back in the day when I had my motorcycle it was fun to just ride without not too much worry; yeah I got crazy every once in a while, but now with all those bullet bikes and adrenaline rush seekers it is downright scary and it shows on our roads today.


I hardly ever see a group of motorcycles just out 'Cruisin' or a guy and his girl just going for a ride up the canyon. It's all about when and where one can get the next rush or challenge, hell I've seen a video where a guy messed up his bike bad from doing stunts on it and all he did was laugh and say "What a rush"!


Anyway thanks for posting your pictures and details of your adventure.

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I'm glad you like the photos. It was a great day that I was able to spend with my daughter in a beautiful place. I can't wait to go again next weekend if the weather is nice.


Sadly I saw on the mid-day news today that the rider of the motorcycle I saw had died as a result of his injuries and another rider was badly injured. The news said the accident had occurred Saturday morning when two bikes collided but it hadn't been discovered until yesterday afternoon by a passing motorist who just happened to notice unusual marks on the pavement. They said it looked like one of the bikes was going to fast and hit the other bike knocking them both off a steep embankment where they couldn't be easily seen.


I was crazy about motorcycles in my younger days. I owned a lot of them over the years. I was known as the "Wheelie King" to the guys I rode with. All that changed one day when I had my dirt bike on the back wheel in 3rd gear and flipped it over backwards on the highway. No broken bones but I had pavement burns on every part of my body that touched the pavement as I slid about 30-40 feet. My hands, knees, elbows, and especially my finger tips, hurt so bad I couldn't sleep for two days. Not even pain pills seemed to help. I was out of work for over a week in lots of pain. I had to go to the doctor several times to get the bandages on the burns changed and that started the pain all over again. I sold my bike shortly after that and I've never regretted it.

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