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Key stuck in on position

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Hi all, I have a problem maybe someone else has had. Took out the Reatta for a run , ran well, getting back home I could not shut the car off, the key was stuck in the on forward position, Now I have the Buick Reatta 1989 service manual, but have found the page that might address this problem, disconnected battery, when I turned key forward (maybe 1/4") it stalled. I hock the battery back up, and was able to start the car with that 1/4 turn! Then did the same thing as the first time to disengage. So any ideas will be helpful. Thank you.

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Ron Walker

My '89 had an issue (maybe not the same as bghere), but the key was sometimes hard to turn in the ignition. It would lock-up and not advance to "on" or "start". And, of course, if it didn't turn, the trans would not move out of Park. My dealer replaced the ignition lock cylinder with new keys included. Cost (in July 2016) was $139 - $51 for the cylinder and balance for labor.

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Thanks Ron, I have her in the garage , when warmer I'll have it fixed. I have the manual, but could not find anything on ignition lock cylinder! TKS Ron


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