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Reatta Cars & Parts for Sale Sacramento CA

You Outta Reatta

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I have 2 1990 Red  Convertibles and one 1988 Silver Coupe as well a small part inventory.

I am loosing my barn-storage due to a move and am looking to sell all. I was looking  to start supporting and selling Reatta's on the West Coast but now have to move to the East Coast.  One convertible is low miles about 33k, the other has close to 70k. Not perfect but minor issues. The 1988 Coupe has about 80k miles. I would prefer to sellall to one party if possible but that may not be a likely scenario.  Please contact me if interested in any or all. Thank you. John  (koehn.vtab1008@gmail.com) (I hope I can post my email address here. If not I will check back here at the forums. 

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