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LED Headlights

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Greetings All,


Not that I intend on driving much at night, but if going out for dinner in the spring or fall, it will happen on the return trip.  When driving the car home from my fathers house, I noted the old 1990 vintage Halogens are, well, weak and lacking.  I have seen the post about Sylvania Silver Stars, however given the love of HID and LED on our other vehicles, I am thinking of upgrading to Philips LED's.  Has anyone else done this?  Any impressions or issues?




I did search the forum but did not see this topic posted yet.  If it has, I appreciate any redirect in advance.


As long as I am doing maintenance and small fixes, I thought 'what the heck is another few hundred more'?





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Gee I never saw a $180 bulb before. Each. Been searching but have not found a lumens rating of any kind.  Anyone find it ?

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I looked around and believe it to be 6000 lumens. Years ago I bought a brand of LED sealed beam headlights made by Truck-Lite. Don't remember the lumens but with a relay harness they are as bright as any late model car I have lined up next to. Not only down the road illumination but into the shoulder of the road illumination.

I paid about $350.00 for the pair. Well worth the money.

Only thing I had to do was extend the lead off the bulb. The plug was at the narrowest point in the open/close cycle of the Reatta headlight pod. 

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Are they lower wattage bulbs than the OEM replacements? I didn't see that wattage listed.

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