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Convertible secrets and a question

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While cleaning out the mice droppings and looking for more chewed wiring,I found a second VIN tag on the left rear wheel housing, visible with top boot raised, next to where the seat belt bolts down. And if you're ever foolish enough to remove relays in the trunk and close it (no names mentioned)  now you can't get it open because the key and the button won't work, there is a small access hole in each storage bin to manually release the boot.  Question; where is the BCM  (A) above emergency brake pedal, (B) above gas pedal or (C) above the 2 fuseboxes?




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I'm assuming your convertible is like my '88 coupe. Remove the glovebox. The BCM will be the silver box with all the wires going to it.


Glovebox (3).jpg

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Thanks Ronnie, I've never seen so many silver boxes with so much wiring under a dashboard.

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