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Touch screen dark, touch still works

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Mark Huppertz

Have had this issue before where the screen doesn't come up after the battery has been disconnected for an extended length of time. Before it would eventually come back to life and stay good, but this time it isn't coming back. I have to use printouts of the settings to guess what I am doing to get climate or the radio set. 

Is there a dedicated fuse to the CRT somewhere or am I just riding a unicorn rainbow of false hope?

I have two parts CRT's that came with the car, but the complete one didn't work at all.

Thanks for any advice, a $500 repair job is out of the scope for us right now... covid sucks!


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Try Eddie Voland, Westminster MD. He still repairs CRTs as far as I know. His base charge was $150.00 plus shipping as of 3/5/15 (no paypal). Phone: 443-536-9591

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