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1990 Reatta Brake “Rattle”

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The infamous and annoying “Reatta Brake Rattle” when traveling over anything other than a smooth surface.  Especially noticeable in parking lots (speed bumps), city driving (minor potholes), and older roads.  Have seen several threads about this over the years and possible fixes.  Has the “Reatta Community” come to a consensus as to the exact problem and a permanent/realistic fix?  I have seen everything from clips to glue to certain brake pads, and even petitioning GM for OEM part as possible solutions.


Has anything come out in the past year or so to best address and fix this problem? 



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First you have to make sure that the brake rattle you are getting is coming from the rear brakes. It could also be a rubber bushing in the suspension in the rear [very possible] or rear strut [not so likely].

If the noise is farther up closer to the front there are other suspension mounts that could rattle as well as the front strut mounts [very likely].

  There have been fixes as you mentioned redoing the brakes as well as swapping out the rear brake calipers with calipers from a 1996 Cadillac Eldorado. I myself have done this but then had to upgrade to 16" wheels as the calipers are too large for the Reatta 15" wheels. I did this on the Red as I drive this car mostly and redoing brake pads are easier, but replacing the rotors with the pads on this Cadillac swap is not that much easier. However there is no chance for rattle as the design is different. I have not experienced the rattle on either the 'vert or my winter Reatta. For that matter I didn't on the Red either prior to the swap. I did have a bad bushing in the suspension [both sides]. Replaced the bushings and never had an issue.

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Mckays Reatta

I have the same problem with my reatta replacing the calipers will fix the issue. I just live with it, as it dose not effect the breaks performance or at least that I've noticed. But i would also like to know about possible solutions too

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Thanks for the response Mckays Reatta and Ronnie.  Thanks for the part link Ronnie,  I just ordered it and will let you know if it solves the problem.  

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