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Replacing Front Sway Rod Bushings

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I thought I would post some pics of a real easy job of replacing front sway rod bushings.  As you can see below, the bushings on my 89 Reatta were totally shot......cracked, smushed, and falling apart:






Here is what came in a kit (AC Delco brand):  Price was less than $10 from Rock, and enough to do both sides.




And here is the dead carcass/remains of the old bushings (probably original from 1989):




One side was seized in place, and had a slight bend in the bolt and took a good amount of pounding to get out.


When putting the new bolts/bushings in place, I found that I needed to jack up the sway bar a couple inches to allow all the bushings to fit in place, and then removed the jack when threading on the top nut.  Also, had to start the nut without the top washer in order to squeeze it all together some, then remove the nut and add the washer and put the nut back in place.






New Bushings installed:




Its a pretty simple job, and you can save a few bucks doing it yourself. 

Footnote:  The car had just passed inspection with those shot bushings......I guess they dont catch everything.




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