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Reatta Got Me Feelin Horn-y

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Hey Guys:  Now that I've made a commitment to restore my Reatta, I'm going about getting things done.  Today I carefully "painted" paint stripper around the aluminum edge my '91's wheels.  The stripper removes the dirt and messy old clear coat, and left the aluminum outer edge looking great.  That is step one, step two will be to paint the center sections and center caps with sparkle silver paint, and repaint the black division line with a small brush, and step three will be to spray clear coat on the entirety of the four wheel.  Not easy with them still on the car, but worth it.  More to the point of this thread, I was getting fed up with my loose  jiggly horn buttons.  I used one of the site's tutorials to remove the steering wheel (after removing the battery cable for at least a half hour to prevent any air bag incident), removed the horn buttons and fixed them.  I drilled several tiny holes and tied them with fishing line just like the original engineers did.  They went back in easily, are tight, look and work great.  It wasn't super-easy, but neither was it hard, it just took a little time.     Here are some pictures. 





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Looks like you did a good job. Working on your Reatta is half the fun of owning it. Driving them is a lot of fun too. :)

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