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  1. This is a first as far as I know

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  2. Tail of The Dragon

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  3. Road trip to the Corvette Museum

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  4. Please read these rules before posting.

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  5. Photos of my Reatta at Cumberland Falls.

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    • Ronnie
      Great looking car. I really like the white. You took some beautiful photos. I didn't know PA was so flat.
    • buggzy
      I washed, clay barred, and waxed the whole car today! After doing so I realized there’s quite a few paint chips and there’s dirt and marks on the front bumper area I can’t get off with the supplies I had. It still looks a lot better than before. Here are a few pics.
    • kb2nto
      Hello to all Reatta owners. My first Reatta a 89 I bought 6 years ago. Loved that car got rear ended 5 years ago. The guy was driving a square front Chevy doing 45. Said he never saw me. While the entire back of the car was crushed. I had just a few injuries and survived. I think the construction of the Reatta saved me. The insurance company by the way offered me $350. My lawyer got it up to $2500. Been looking for a replacement ever since. Found a nice 90 convertible a couple weeks ago. It was close by and was very pleased to get it. Has 93000 miles and I am the 3rd owner. I am in Western NY and waiting to put the top down. Perhaps next week.
    • fun car guy
      So I checked all the known fuses (the block on the right side of the console and the hidden one below it.)  I found all fuses good with the exception of defog which had gotten hot, replaced  it but still no dash or interior lights.  Assuming there are no more fuses, I'm going to check the fusible links next.  Also, after checking for air, spark and listening to the injectors to be sure they're working, I'm thinking I may have one or more bad engine mounts allowing the engine to move.  When it's cold it actually makes the exhaust occasionally knock against the body.   
    • DAVES89
      Can't drive a car with no taillights, so we had no choice.
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