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    • kb2nto
      Hello to all Reatta owners. My first Reatta a 89 I bought 6 years ago. Loved that car got rear ended 5 years ago. The guy was driving a square front Chevy doing 45. Said he never saw me. While the entire back of the car was crushed. I had just a few injuries and survived. I think the construction of the Reatta saved me. The insurance company by the way offered me $350. My lawyer got it up to $2500. Been looking for a replacement ever since. Found a nice 90 convertible a couple weeks ago. It was close by and was very pleased to get it. Has 93000 miles and I am the 3rd owner. I am in Western NY and waiting to put the top down. Perhaps next week.
    • fun car guy
      So I checked all the known fuses (the block on the right side of the console and the hidden one below it.)  I found all fuses good with the exception of defog which had gotten hot, replaced  it but still no dash or interior lights.  Assuming there are no more fuses, I'm going to check the fusible links next.  Also, after checking for air, spark and listening to the injectors to be sure they're working, I'm thinking I may have one or more bad engine mounts allowing the engine to move.  When it's cold it actually makes the exhaust occasionally knock against the body.   
    • DAVES89
      Can't drive a car with no taillights, so we had no choice.
    • Ronnie
      Most people would have given up and never found that short. As you have said before, a lot of problems can be traced back to the last thing you did but in this case who would have suspected a screw holding that harness causing so much trouble. Glad you got it fixed.
    • DAVES89
      Yeah. Don't use a self drilling screw into the support for the radiator without checking to see if the loom is on the other side. It just nicked a tan wire and was enough to cause a dead short that was virtually untraceable. We were mounting the two relays for the after market headlight relay harness. The leads were too short for both headlights so we cheated and installed the relays as close as we could to make the wires be long enough without splicing. The icing on the cake? The harness was no good either, right out of the box.   We spent about 20 hours with Kendal's, Bob's and my time running tests looking for shorts, disconnecting modules, disconnecting pigtails to the taillights, and front cornering lights, headlights, etc. We even removed the seats and redid the splices on both sides. And then removed the dash and traced wires from there, which is how we found it.   It was a bitch replacing the dash because we had on pigtail that had a 8 pin female and three pin mail but was a perfect match for each other. Turned out to be the Bose 3 pin pigtail not the Reatta pigtail [remember the Reatta uses a lot of parts from the Riv] so it burned up the stereo [at the drivers side rear as it gave power to the speaker wires because Bose speakers are powered]. Fortunately I have an extra stereo in my parts bin and can be running tomorrow.   But what a nightmare. All for a defective after market harness and a self tapping screw in the wrong place. 
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