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Latest Forum Topics

    • (88 red) AC clutch won't engage
    • I hope another ECM corrects the problem. I wish we could have found something...
    • Last post by Ronnie
    • 4 hours 20 minutes ago
    • Rusted Trans Cooler Lines
    • I ordered trans cooling tubes. Upper & lower. Manufactured by Dorman. Upper P/N...
    • Last post by fordrodsteven
    • 5 hours 42 minutes ago
    • Operating temps ?
    • those temps sound really great! my Reatta was basically my daily driver most of...
    • Last post by Corvanti
    • 11 hours 17 minutes ago
    • Bought an 88
    • That was and still is the plan. Keep it intact and use what is needed. it is Red...
    • Last post by kb2nto
    • 2 days 14 hours ago
    • 89 Reatta A/C adventure
    • Almost identical story here with my '88. I took it into a shop to replace the...
    • Last post by fordrodsteven
    • 5 days 2 hours ago
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