An ECM code E026 can be the hardest code to troubleshoot. It is like a 'catch all' code for numerous components.

Much time has been spent putting together the following series of tests to aid in troubleshooting the elusive code E026. The two articles listed below will help you with performing the tests.

Go through each one of the tests below in order, 1 thru 8, and note your results. Any test that fails can cause a code E026.

If any one of the tests fail you should correct the problem before proceeding to the next test.

Code E026 Testing Procedure:

  1. Turn ignition key to ON position, do not start engine.
  2. Go into diagnostics and navigate to ECM OUTPUTS.
  3. Depress YES.

Thanks to 89 MAUI, member of the ROJ & AACA Reatta forums, for this information.

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