It is possible for the battery cable connection to be loose even thought the bolt that connects the cable to the battery is tight. If the bolt bottoms out in the battery it will feel 'tight' - yet the cables are still a bit loose.

If you can move the cable after you tighten the bolt you need to do the following repair.

  1. Remove the battery cable.
  2. Using a small screw driver, carefully pry the bolt out of the rubber cover of the battery cable.
  3. Install a flat washer (3/8" hole) under the head of the bolt and reinstall the bolt in the battery cable.

Use a brass or copper flat washer if possible to help prevent corrosion.    

4.  Reconnect the battery cable and tighten the bolt.

Do not over tighten the bolt holding the cable to the battery. Damage to the battery could result!

Thanks to members of the AACA Reatta and forum member wws944 for this information.

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