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Front strut replacement

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Hi team,


Just picked up a well maintained 91 115k. A knocking noise like front struts, at the very least strut mounts. Are these parts available? Any special tools/knowledge needed to replace the front struts. I have very good mechanic but primary cars serviced are BMW 's.



Thanks for your help,


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Parts are available. Instructions for replacing are here on ROJ. Probably need to replace all at 115k.

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I find that if you need struts, you should also need the strut mounts. Don't know if you plan on keeping your car long but if you do, buy Monroes. They have a life time warranty and you will get free replacement if they fail. I have a shop install them and then keep the receipt for the warranty.

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Be prepared if you are changing out the rear struts.  My '89 was a northern car and saw salt highways.  When I went to replace the rear struts I found the upper mount of the strut tower had rusted the "D" mount hole had rusted into a circular hole and too large to mount the strut to.  I removed the rear suspension from the Reatta, there is only 4 bolts that mount the rear suspension to the frame, and I took the rear suspension to a welders shop and they welded in a heavier plate to the upper strut tower and cut in a mounting hole for the strut.  I also had the welders shop do the other shock tower, it cost me $125 but it strengthened the rear suspension.  Also be aware that when you go to remove the lower strut mount be careful not to damage the mounting rubber cushion, this rubber cushion is not available anywhere for replacement.

Left Image is of rusted strut tower - Right Image is of repaired strut tower.

Good Luck




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