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Ronnie, need help please.

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How do I bypass the starter interrupt relay, without taking the instrument panel out? Thanks

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That relay may be bolted in place high up to the left side of the steering column dash mounting bracket. In my case it was hanging loose, probably as a result of swapping dashes. I know it is inconvenient, but removing the drivers seat, panels under the dash and dropping the steering column may gain access. I fashioned a jumper from a small piece of copper wire, maybe 14ga, and flattened the ends at right angles to each other to resemble a staple. This inserts into the relay socket between pins 30 and 87a. That's the one in the middle and the one that is at right angles to the rest. The relay can stay in place if you can get the socket disconnected and pulled down.  


Failing the above, if you can at least see the harness, you want to connect the two yellow wires together that connect to that relay.

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