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Passenger window only comes down 1/3 then starts grinding also grinds when rolled all the way up

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Hey all,


Like the title says, I am having issues with the power window on the passenger side. It gets 1/3 of the way down then suddenly stops and grinds the gears if you keep pressing the button. It will also grind the gears when it gets to the top. What area should I look at to see what is causing this? When it gets to the 1/3 down mark, I can take the window by my hands and force it down and back up again by an inch or two and if I do this the motor spins freely both up and down. The window also seems to have a bit of play side to side when I move it around freely at the 1/3 down mark. If I were to hazzard a guess, is it possible that the tracks are somehow out of alignment or a bolt / fastener somewhere that may be loose? It looks like all the gear teeth in the regulator are ok but I can't say for sure maybe I missed one behind something? Any thoughts?

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