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Horn Location

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Only one of my horns is working, which sounds pathetic.  I have looked on the car, and in the repair manual, and still haven't found my horns.  Where is the horn relay and where are the horns?  Any ideas how to test?  Thanks in advance...

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Ron Walker

I have the same problem. I tried to replace one of the horns with an aftermarket and it didn't fit. I don't recall the reason. I returned the horn and didn't try again. In PA, we have State Vehicle Inspection (annually) and I guess one horn is satisfactory to obtain the "sticker." I use the horn very infrequently, but I agree the sound, with one horn, is less than desirable.  

However, the horns on my '89, from my recollection, are located under and behind the front bumper.  Easy way to locate is to crouch under the front and have someone blow the remaining horn and follow the sound.  

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