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  1. In My 1991 Service Manual Pages 110-8 and Page 110-14 they list a switch as( Turn /Hazard Switch Assembly ) is this switch you are referring to ? Both switches do not look the same electrically. Do you have a picture of the switch that you are referring to . Where did You Find the location of the switch that you referred to ? Is There a location view of the switch in my 1991 my service manual ?
  2. Are You Talking About The Turn Hazard Switch Assembly? If So Where Located.
  3. Left Cornering Lamp Inoperative, Lamp Is Good, No Voltage On Lamp Pins When Turn Signal Is Operated. Any Ideas? Or Places To Look.
  4. How Do I Replace The Left Side Marker Lamps 1991 Reatta
  5. When I Bought My 1990 Reatta The Oil Pressure Indicator Read Max All The Time. I replaced The Oil Sender,Easy Fix, It Now Reads Between 50/80, Members On This Site State That The Reading I Was Getting Was Quite Normal. Good Luck, Hope This Help. B29 Engineer
  6. Part Numbers for Front wheel sensors, Where to purchase. Approx cost. Nice sunny day here in flordia
  7. Oil Pressure Normally Runs Between 50/85 , Is This Normal? Oil Pressure Unit Has Been Replaced.
  8. Replaced Cam Sensor. Replaced Ignition Module and Ignition Coil. No Service Engine Light and No Stalling. Thanks For All Of Your Help.
  9. ABS Code 21 Where do I start ?????
  10. What Is The Correct Part Number For The Cam Shaft Senser, 1990 reatta, And Correct Number For The Ignition Coil Assembly
  11. REplaced OilPressure Sensor, Oil Gage REads About Top Center, Check Codes No CAm Code Only History Code. DElete Codes. Drove Car No SES light, Stopped Engine. REstarted Engine , Drive about Five minutes Ses Light Started Flashing, A Few Times Then Came On . Parked Car Checked Codes no cam sensor code only history. next day same thing happens.
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