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  1. Update: So when I enter EC override and switch off cylinders 2,4,6 there is no change to idle quality. still shaky and hesitation on acceleration. But when I turn off the others: 1,3,5 the engine runs extreamly bad. Is that maybe a computer error? That conveniently that every other injector is not working? or that the 3 are actually bad? Wouldnt 3 bad injectors cause it to die very easily?
  2. Thank you all for the help. Yes the gasoline was a year old since it had been sitting there, and i suspected that at first, but I just put fuel injector cleaner in with the brand new gas and it still hasn't changed. Disconnecting the MAF causes the engine to stall pretty quick, it is pretty new so i wouldn't suspect that anyway. I am still trying to figure out how to access the readings from the CO2 sensor and each of the injectors, ect. So ill get back to you on those results. I did however, do an extensive inspection with all the vacuum lines and even sprayed some wd40 on a few places just to see if the engine would flare, but they seem to be in good condition. I did have to replace all three vacuum lines branching off of the vacuum check valve since they were old and cracking. But still no change to the hesitation on acceleration or shaky idle. Plugging each line did not change it either.
  3. So I just checked the complete fuel pump load test/pressure test again and everything checks out. As well as the injectors, I did the good'ol screwdriver-to-the-ear-check and they are all functioning. There are no signs of anything living in the car or tampering with the electrical lines. The spark plug cables i replaced with everything else a year and a half ago and they are in good condition. ignition control module i also replaced with the coil, but I did a resistance check to be sure, and it is functioning. Also plug wires, i checked again, are in the correct order. I might add that i have had this problem before but it was because the inline fuel filter was clogged. After I changed it everything worked fine! Although now that i have replaced all of the fuel filters and cleaned the gas tank, it is still running poorly. Would really old gas be the cause of that?
  4. It ran perfectly fine before parked it. Not a single problem, its only got 90000 on it so it doesn't have too much wear on it. And correct, there were no check engine lights or codes besides the battery being disconnected code. The air filter, fuel filter, cleaning gas tank, fuel pump strainer, and spark plugs I replaced just recently when it was running poorly. Everything else a year and a half ago.
  5. The spark plugs were a very healthy chocolate brown, with no black or deformed plugs, neither dry or wet. I tested the fuel pressure, and it kicks up the correct psi on turn key but i haven't done any other stress tests on it since i just replaced it a year ago. Ill give it a try! Thanks!
  6. I have a 1990 Reatta and I cannot seem to solve this problem. It starts up like a charm but runs really raggedy and shaky just idling. When i take it for a test run and floor it, it shifts really hard and gets little to NO power. The max is 45 mph. My Reatta has been sitting for the last year or so, so i can imagine something sat wrong. I replaced the spark plugs, air filter, in-line gas filter, fuel pump strainer, dropped the gas tank and cleaned it because the gas was superrr old. I replaced the MAF a year and a half ago, as well as 02 sensor, and the fuel pump itself. Fuel pressure is good on the gauge, with the pump switched on, yet when I drive it, it seems that its not getting enough gas??
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