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  1. I think my wording is incorrect but I meant Collector as in not my utilitarian everyday car and hot as in this thing is amazing looking. I'm not really looking for fast or performance. Just wondering what the common problems are so I can make an educated purchase.
  2. HI, I saw a Reatta in a parking lot near my house and WOW I just totally fell in love. I have been researching buying one. This would be my first collector car purchase of any kind. I am looking at an '89 with under 50K miles. I am wondering what the common problems are with this car and what to be aware of. * Note, I'm a woman looking for a hot car that's fun but also reliable and not a headache, I don't have a ton of in depth car knowledge, my boyfriend and brother are both very capable with cars though. This would not be my daily driver but I do plan on using it a good amount. Any insight would be helpful before I take the plunge :). Thanks !
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