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  1. https://youtu.be/pq2PSLdc8rA Wish he did a 90/91 but understand the perspective of doing an 89.
  2. Not sure. I’m sure I sound like a crazy person. It’s the black stripe that circles the car in the coupe version that is at the top of the page in the ROJ logo.
  3. So thrilled to have found this group! I am finally starting my search for my dream Reatta. My dream spec is a 90 or 91 red/brown convertible. One thing that I love is the Reatta with the black panel guards that wrap around the car. My question is...what is the correct lingo for these? Is this a hard combo to find with these guards on a brown top with red. I’ve see some show car quality red/brown but they don’t have the black stripe so perhaps it’s only the 1990 model? So many questions. If anyone on the forum is looking to sell. Hit me up. Just want to get the perfect one. Much thanks for any info. Stay safe. -B
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