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  1. Recently I ran the driver's side seat of my wife's '90 Reatta as far forward as it would go. When I tried to run it back to it's original position it would not move. All of the other functions worked. I pulled the 4 bolts that hold the seat itself to the rack assembly (not fun with the seat forward) and removed it. After determining which motor did what, I was ready to start pulling plugs to find a way to put 12 volts to the motor that moves the seat fore and aft. Before doing that I tapped the top of that motor with a screwdriver handle. I moved the control toggle back and everything worked. This motor can easily be seen under the seat with everything in place. It lays flat and the end I tapped will be facing you if you look under the seat from the rear without removing anything. Try this before you turn the first wrench.
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