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  1. Bentwoodtimbers, I'm glad you were able to get your Reatta running smoothly again! I also appreciate the fact that you came back to the Forum and reported what worked for you - thank you, that is the epitome of being a productive, helpful member of our family!!! Many people in the future will be able to read your story and may be able to repair their Reatta . . . and, of course, thanks be to Ronnie for accumulating all these fixes in one place and providing opportunities for people to share photos and stories about all things Reatta!!! Its January, time to make a small contribution towards the costs of providing this forum - thank you Ronnie for all you do!!!
  2. As always, when the box from Jim Finn comes to the house, it's like XMas!! Thanks Jim!!!!!
  3. Philbo, There is something known as "cowl shake" which may or may not affect your Reatta - not all convertibles have it. Before you can diagnose your car, you need to freshen all your 30 year old suspension parts . . . struts, shocks, ball joints, etc. Tires are also extremely important to the ride of your Reatta, and a fresh alignment as well. The Reatta was designed with an extremely comfortable yet sporty ride - it handles like a true GT designed with a touring suspension. Not everybody that buys a used Reatta plans to keep it long term, but the ones that do and invest in replacing tires and suspension parts are rewarded with a long lasting great riding vehicle! Enjoy your Reatta Convertible!!
  4. I saw this this morning but thank you for reposting as it's an awesome deal not likely to ever be repeated!! I need one but want two so I guess I better ask Santa if I've been a good boy this year!
  5. Heffy, Have you reached out to some of the Reatta vendors who make parts available for our cars? If you look at the top of the page, there is a blue header that lists the Forums, the how-to guides, and a category named "More Info" . . . click on the more info and you will see Reatta Vendors among other choices. At the top is Jim Finn who provides used parts from Reatta's and he is very knowledgeable about differences that are in the 1991 model versus earlier years. He is certainly one vendor who might be able to address your questions, not to say that others are not.
  6. Woody, Drive it like you stole it! Really appreciate you sharing your experience with Catruda!! Jim/Nittany
  7. Welcome to the Forum, I would also read the tutorial on this site for bleeding the brakes ... the way I read your first post leads me to believe that you may not have followed the recommended technique for Reatta's. Also, I second the recommendation that front brake lines be checked/replaced.
  8. Here's a couple photos taken in the last few years. We have owned this '91 vert since 2007, averaging a little over 2,000 miles per year. It's been a good car, still puts a smile on my face when my wife says, "can we take the Reatta?!"
  9. I like the looks of the photo; I have never owned a yellow automobile!!
  10. Ronnie, Mine does, but I can't speak for all 91's . . .
  11. The 1991's do not allow the fan to continue after the vehicle is turned off, identical to other year Reatta's. Seems like your Reatta is operating correctly.
  12. Sir, It was not my intent to "correct" you but rather to confirm something that I have learned the hard way. :rolleyes: Isn't it funny how we learn more from our failures than our successes!! I really appreciate your contributions to this forum!! Please continue to share your thoughts as I have learned lots from reading your input and suspect others agree. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge of GM's engineering and repairs!!
  13. Frogware, I have been following this thread with interest as I finally joined the 21st century by purchasing an iPhone. I have a '91 Reatta with a tired radio . . . at the very least it needs removed and sent in for servicing, I understand there are 6 capacitors that need replaced. If I do that, things remain stock and I have a working radio. I do not have to be stock as I am not a purist; my goal is to incorporate the iPhone into my car in such a way that I can use hands free telephone, perhaps provide music from Pandora or other sources that I choose, and finally, take advantage of Waze or other maps/directions capabilities that the phone has. Long way of saying that I am interested in the photos that you offered to post . . . and your opinion and the opinions of others as to how to best set up the '90/'91 Reatta interior to incorporate the modern phone. Thanks in advance for the help!!
  14. Aztec62, I applaud your forward looking question! I also have given thought to this issue and I think that someday the economics will be there to give our cars additional life via electric motors and batteries. Some folks can afford to "blaze the trail" now, and through the trial and error of others, I hope to be able to accomplish this upgrade at some point "down the road!"
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