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  1. Thank you for the offer... I guess if the switch doesn't fix it, then the CRT is on the way out of service.
  2. After the relay swap a few weeks ago, the CRT was working normally, but then the mode buttons around the edge became unstable or quit working. Drove the car this morning for 26 miles, parked for a few hours and when I started back home, the CRT went blank again. I thought I would be clever and replace the two RAP relays that I had swapped before to get it working, but after paying $40 for a pair of Standard Relays from the auto parts stores, I get no joy at all. I can hear the edge buttons working somewhat but the screen has gone black permanently, it seems. All of the fuses are checked and fine. I tracked down an OEM ignition switch from eBay seller for $45, so I guess that is the next step in repairs.
  3. I didn't study the relays.. I just popped them loose and swapped the two, then put the cover back in place. I'll see if I can get a peek without taking everything apart again, but the car only has 80k miles on it and most everything seems original to the car. I took it out for a 60 mile run yesterday and it bounced back up from 23.5 to 24.1mpg on the running mileage function.
  4. https://auction.motorious.com/lots/view/4-9L3TG/1990-buick-reatta 5,780 Miles. Exceptional Condition w/less than 6k Miles Out of less than 22,000 Reattas Buick made between '88 & '91, only 2400 were convertibles making this a rare sight indeed. And this particular Reatta has been treated to a pampered life, traveling a total of less than 6,000 miles! It is as clean as you'd expect with virtually no scratches or other imperfections. It starts, runs and drives like when it was new. If you're a Reatta fan or collector, this is the one for you! Not mine, just passing it along to the group.
  5. Hmmm I was hoping for feedback on relay sources or options beyond Delco for the car. Anyway, the car has been driven for the past 2 days with a fully functioning display. I should lay in some new relays though. The car is averaging around 23-24 mpg, in mixed driving. If only I could get the ABS light to go away.... codes suggest that both rear sensors are bad. I did remove each one from the brake plate and cleaned off the ends, but it made no difference.
  6. Would one of these relays do the job? I see various relays for sale from $10-50.... https://www.autozone.com/cooling-heating-and-climate-control/relay-radiator-cooling-fan-motor/four-seasons-relay-35928/901853_0_0
  7. I have to say that this site is so full of helpful information which lead me to a quickie repair job on a blanked out CRT screen. The function buttons were working, but no display could be seen. The first time this happened I pulled the dash apart, checked the wiring connections and reinstalled everything. It started working again, much to my surprise. It has been fine for the past few weeks, but I let the car sit for a week or so and when I jumped back in to go for a drive.... blank CRT again! I checked the DIY section on CRT and the RAP relays were mentioned as a possible problem, assuming the 25 amp fuse was still intact. Fuse was fine, so I pulled the panel and swapped the two RAP relays from side to side and the display has come back up again! Yay! I assume that the relays are some kind of generic GM/aftermarket part, so I better go line up a couple of them for the future. What could have been grim news, turned out to be a simple fix. Thanks again!
  8. I had to replace the window regulator motor and with a bit of trial and error the window top edges fits nicely inside the rubber seal from front to back. It seems like it is forward from the little triangle window area, but I can't pinpoint any obvious gaps at the moment. To be continued.. Passenger side seems to fit up well and I don't hear the same noises from that side of the car.
  9. The AC is working, but I got a low refrigerant warning the other day.
  10. I have wind noise coming from around the window post on the driver side. The rubber all looks good, but it whistles at freeway speeds. Maybe I will duct tape the door closed and just use the passenger side.....
  11. I have wind noise coming from around the window post on the driver side. The rubber all looks good, but it whistles at freeway speeds.
  12. 25.5 mpg readings today. These cars seem to like a 195 degree thermostat....
  13. That worked perfectly.. new repro tensioner rollers don't have the guide edges on them, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. Thanks again. Gas mileage average is creeping up to 22.5 so far. Gets a 65 mile freeway trip tomorrow.
  14. Another one... how do you change out the belt tensioner pulley without losing a finger or two? Sounds like the bearing is getting noisy. I see pulleys available for cheap $$ on eBay.
  15. Yes, I wondered if they were available from some other model or application. New problem last night... well actually a few.. Warning came on for low refrigerant in the climate control.... Still seems to be cooling, but I guess there is a slow leak somewhere. Seems to have R135 fittings on the system. I can deal with that later as there isn't much need for AC at this time of year. I drove the car at night, last night and all of the control buttons for lights and wipers, etc were not backlit, so I had to find them by touch. What controls those? The instrument panel control lever works to turn on the inside lights, but doesn't seem to affect the instrument lighting. Being that this car came from VA, there is a lot of corrosion underneath the car. The muffler is looking pretty suspect, but still quiet. Are there replacement parts for the exhaust system or will I have to get a muffler shop to fab up something that works? Thanks for all the replies to my numerous questions and concerns.
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