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  1. Dave's former winter driver, the Black 89, finally came home with me today. I saw Ronnie's post about covid 19 disrupting many things we sort of take for granted. I found the opportunity to have a friend take me to Dave's to pick up the car, but there is a sense of living on the edge for us old folks just riding in a car together. We decided if we had a Corona beer before and after the car transport it would ward off evil spirits. Sort of tongue in cheek that but no doubt our awareness, and wariness, has certainly changed. The car was a bit reluctant to start but more from operator error due it sitting for an extended period. Ran well once started, and drives pretty well. Definitely a more "floaty" ride than my regular, but for over 318k miles, it is remarkable almost everything works well which is a testament to the care Dave lavished on this car.
  2. I believe the FelPro brand will have the silicone beads and the Victor Reinz does not, the whole thing can compress and if memory serves they have metal insert rings in the bolt holes to limit compression. I have used both types with success.
  3. Do the fans come it at full speed right away or low speed and then high at a higher temperature? In other words, do they still work like stock but at two lower temperatures? What temperatures are you seeing?
  4. 😎 I guess that's even the correct amount of letters. By the way, what happened to the OP? A drive-by poster??
  5. I have heard the same and generally agree. Long term, I have found mileage is usually better with a hot engine, but, as with everything there are side effects. High temps. under hood tend to deteriorate rubber and plastic items more rapidly and from my own experience on my performance foolery indicates it likes a cooler engine, too cool for normal long term operation.
  6. Decisions, decisions, decisions😎 Whatever is in the car will be just fine.
  7. I am happy this mod. is working for you but I am not clear how adding potential airflow over top of the radiator aids the cooling unless something else was wrong before? The openings at the front of the black plastic are designed to line up with the normal gap below the hood? The front lip of that plastic shroud is usually all wrinkled as yours is and I have found it looks and works better if the steel stiffener below the front edge of the shroud is placed on top of the plastic and then refastened. I know I live in a generally cooler climate but even with a front mount intercooler, and two stacked plate oil coolers for the engine oil and transmission, engine temperature has never been an issue. Of course I do have the large advantage of rarely sitting in significant traffic so there is that😎
  8. I understood the comment, so no issues on my end. From follow-on posts it sounds like either intermittent or maybe just a special circumstance, so maybe monitor and report if it re-occurs?
  9. Engine stalling or "dragging it down" as described. There was no mention of clunk in the post it was a question I had, essentially wondering if engine movement might have something to do with the stall, maybe a harness being pulled or something making contact. Not meant as a detour, just a wayside😉
  10. The vacuum line for the vacuum modulator is on the top front of the transmission near the electrical connection. If the line is bad or disconnected, the full engine vacuum will not get to the modulator which controls shift firmness. Low vacuum = firm
  11. I am sure there are many opinions as there are on spark plugs, engine oil etc...but unless price is a big difference, hard to go wrong with the Dexron. Some people use Type F, used in older Fords, to firm up shifts, but unless there is an existing issue with the trans. using the OEM recommended fluid makes sense to me.
  12. That is peculiar. Assuming fluid level and vacuum line to the modulator are good. Since it is when cold, is the idle higher than normal at that time which will likely cause greater engine movement when shifting moving something else? Try shifting direct park to neutral and then back to reverse which will usually soften the hit/clunk going park to reverse. Does that help?
  13. I can attest to the same as above. Great vendor, fair prices.
  14. It is a good looking car and my favorite color for a summer driver. Don't lose hope. As Ronnie mentioned photos and a little more information should help.
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