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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Yes, I had the fuel filter replaced when I had the fuel pump replaced two years ago. Probably also had it replaced before in the (distant) past but can't recall exactly - as it seems that I have replaced just about everything on this car at least once over past 30 years. Based on the recommendations above I was able to swap out the fuel pump relay and everything has worked perfectly for last few days.
  2. Thanks 2seater - really appreciate you taking the time to pull, check, and compare the relays! Glad to know that the discoloration is not necessarily a problem with my electrical system and more likely a function of Hella's manufacturing process. Since simply swapping out the Hella "Fog Lamp" relay with the Hella "Fuel Pump" relay, my car has started on first attempt for last few days without fail. Will still replace the relays just to be safe and keep the original ones as backup. Can hopefully find a deal with the upcoming holiday sales. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Ronnie - will try to get a deal on these over the upcoming holiday.
  4. Would like to replace my 1990 Buick Reatta's existing relays and greatly appreciate some insight from the forum. Discovered that I currently have three different types (brands) in my 1990 Reatta Passenger Side Fuse Panel. The three Hella relays all have prongs that look burnt. I can’t remember if they looked like this when I purchased them or if they are the original relays put into the car. I thought maybe these are aftermarket but noticed in another photo posted in the forum that that fuse box was also full of Hella relays (is this just a coincidence or do most Reattas have Hella relays?). Have posted photos of my driver’s and passenger’s side fuse boxes for further illustration. Questions: 1. What relays originally came with 1990 Buick Reattas? 2. Can I just buy six of the exact same relay to replace for each of these six functions listed in Passenger Side Fuse Panel? They seem to have the same electrical composition/capability. 3. What is the best relay currently available to purchase for 1990 Buick Reattas? When I researched this I found a number of different relays that seemed to be for same/different functions and priced from approximately $3-30 dollars. 4. Do the Hella relay prongs normally look burnt as mine are in photos? If not, what could be causing this? Thanks! BRD
  5. Ronnie (and others above who have been very kind to assist), After switching around the relays (specifically ensuring to swap out Fog Light and Fuel Pump relays) my car has now started on first attempt for two days in a row (as it normally should). Hopefully it was just the fuel pump relay and nothing more. Especially since I just had the fuel pump replaced two years ago, after original worked fine for last 28 years. Time and further troubleshooting will tell. Given this relatively simple fix, would like to replace the other relays, as they look in bad shape and might also be causing other problems. Tried researching ACDelco relays as per Ronnie's suggestion but came up with a bunch of different options and not sure what to purchase. Going to make a separate post about relays if anyone else is/will be in similar situation. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks Ronnie, I pulled the fuel pump relay and took some pictures of it (below). Two of the prongs look tarnished. Is this normal? Some of the other relays also have somewhat tarnished prongs in the same position but not to this extent. Temporarily swapped the fuel pump relay for the fog lights relay. Is there a recommended or best relay manufacturer/part to replace this (these) relays? Greatly appreciate your insight.
  7. Hi Ronnie, This morning tried the following as per your recommendation. Background: Car engine sat overnight at least 15 hours without being run. Ambient outside air temperature 27-41 F during this time. Turned key to "on" position without engaging the starter and just waited. The Teves accumulator immediately started charging and stopped at 18 seconds. Waited until exactly 30 seconds with key in "on" position and then engaged the starter. The car started right up on first attempt (as a car would if everything is working properly). Greatly appreciate your insight as to what this might mean. Sidenote: The fuel pump was replaced exactly two years ago at a national garage chain. (Of course this does not mean the "new" fuel pump was (is) working properly or was properly installed.)
  8. Thanks for the two recent suggestions Ronnie. I will try these and get back to the you (and the forum) to let you know if it worked.
  9. Hi Ronnie, Thanks for checking into this for me and providing Jim's contact information. Will reach out to him at some point in the near future.
  10. Hi 2seater, Thanks for the insight and for taking the time to check your engine on my behalf. Will pass this information on to a local mechanic as we further troubleshoot the challenge.
  11. Thanks Jay, No, I have not personally checked the fuel pressure regulator. I will pass this recommendation on to a local mechanic as we further troubleshoot the problem.
  12. Thanks 2seater, You're right that I don't know if the third-party garage (a national chain) replaced or by-passed the stock pulsator. (I did not even know to check for something like this). Will pass this information on to a local mechanic as we further troubleshoot the problem.
  13. Hi Ronnie, Thank you for the recommendation. After letting the car sit overnight without running the engine, tried the method you suggested to start the car. Cycled key "on" and "off" five times and then tried to start the car by turning far enough to engage the starter. Last night (about three hours after my car was running) this worked but this morning it did not. After cycling the key and first attempt, I then waited about five seconds and engaged the starter a second time. The car started right up as normal. This is consistent with the daily behavior of the car for the past year (only starts on second attempt when engaging the starter).
  14. Thanks Ronnie, I have never actually tried this before. Just went outside to try it and it did start up after cycling the key "on" and "off" five times (without engaging the starter). However, I did have the car running about three hours ago and it normally does start after it has been running. I will try this again tomorrow morning after the car has been sitting for 8+ hours and see if I can replicate.
  15. Thanks Dave, I had the fuel pump replaced about three years ago for a similar rough idle/start problem. Not sure if the "new" fuel pump is faulty or was never properly installed. Could also be the case that the garage who replaced the fuel pump was trying to fix a problem that they thought was the fuel pump but is actually something else (related). Maybe even something that causes a new (good) fuel pump to go bad within a year or two.
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