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  1. Welcome to the forum! Jim Finn rebuilds headlight switches at a reasonable price. Email him at reattas60@gmail.com. Jim is an honest guy that has been supplying used and rebuilt Reatta parts for years.
  2. Every time I see this photo it makes me wish spring was here. I'm looking forward to going for a drive.
  3. Does it always stall when you put it in reverse or just when it's cold? Does it work correctly every time you put it in drive? If so it would seem the problem would be something wrong internally with the transmission.
  4. That appears to be a nice looking Reatta. If I were closer to you I would come and look at it.
  5. If you really want sell this car post lots of good photos so people can see what you've got. Post a good description and tell us what you know about the cars history. The more information you give about this car the better your chances are of selling it. Since you are from up north where salt is used the first question you will get is how much rust does it have, especially underneath.
  6. 2seater is right. It's important to fill the reservoir this way. The reservoir will overflow if you add more fluid after the pump has filled the accumulator and pulled the fluid level down below the full mark.
  7. I've been shopping around all day for parts for my new-to-me truck. Spark plugs, wiper blades, etc. Amazon was the cheapest if you include shipping and taxes but I always shop around. For some reason Amazon charges me tax part of the time and sometimes they don't. It must depend on which warehouse they are shipped from. I hope everything works out for you Dave.
  8. Dave, you were right. I was reading more into it than was intended but I wasn't the only one. There are lots of topics over there about the rule changes and lots of people shared my concerns about what would be allowed to be posted in the future on that forum. In the words of the webmaster and the director of the AACA, "Nothing has changed." so I guess my concerns have been laid to rest. I don't know why they chose to make the rules more restrictive and make everyone agree to them, then say nothing has been changed. Maybe it was to satisfy some of the purist who have control of the board of directors or maybe it is to make it easier to take control of a topic about modified cars when they go completely off the rails. Whatever the reason I'm glad to hear the people in charge of the forum say nothing has changed.
  9. Good photos of the old sensor. I hope the new one fixes your problem.
  10. Perhaps I am reading too much into it. Has anyone besides me been asked to agree to the new rules when they signed in? I could be wrong but I believe they are asking all members to agree to the paragraph I quoted above that was added to the rules. Or have you read this? I think the poll that was posted on that forum may have been part of the decision to change the rules. It's all good and it really doesn't matter anyway. I was just bringing it up for discussion.
  11. It appears the new changes stated in the AACA forum rules (below) are aimed at restricting posts about modifying cars. I will respect their rules and refrain from posting about Reatta modifications in the future. The AACA is about preserving old cars and if they want to limit what can be posted in their forum that is their right. I have no complaints about the rule changes the AACA has decided to make but as a dues paying member it does make me sad to see they are limiting what can be posted in the Reatta forum. All Reatta forums are all but dead already without limiting what can be posted. The Reatta forum there has been evolving into more of a forum for collectors for some time so maybe this is what they wanted.
  12. I wish that was true for the 2001 GMC truck I just bought. It has three O2 sensors and I think they are about $50 each.
  13. Sounds like you have it under control. Only one O2 sensor on the Reatta.
  14. I thought I had a photo of the O2 sensor but I couldn't find it on my computer. It might be on my camera.
  15. O2 sensor is located in the rear exhaust manifold near the transmission dipstick.
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