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  1. Good idea! Here is some things to check. Wire Splice Repair
  2. Also check fuse #5 (Central Power Supply).
  3. Have you checked fuse #8 (Cruise Control) with a meter to make sure it is good? The FSM shows that is the fuse that supplies power to the IPC. You might have a bad IPC but it's unusual for the idiot lights along the bottom not to work even when the IPC is bad. Before sending it out you might want to check the Grounds behind the battery to make sure they are clean and tight. The IPC and other electronics are grounded there. Ground Terminals & Junction Box Location
  4. Try sliding the dimmer on the headlight switch all the way to the right and see if the IPC lights up or the interior lights come on.
  5. Sorry, I've never done that. Daves89 knows a lot more about it than me.
  6. I can't help with parts but I just want to say welcome to the forum!
  7. Are you interested in trying to repair it yourself? If so Click here to view the Cassette Deck Repair Manual. The manual is in PDF format.
  8. As many of you know I own my Reatta for the pleasure of driving it through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. I just saw on the TV that all my favorite places to drive have been closed to the public. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park has been closed. It is the most visited national park in the U.S. I can understand the reasons for closing all the visitor centers and bathrooms in the park to insure that people aren't congregating and spreading the virus but I don't understand why they have to close the roads. Maybe they don't want crowds of people pissing on the side of the road who might spread the virus. 🤣 Highway 441 that runs between Gatlinburg, TN and Cherokee, NC, (a great destination for people interested in their Cherokee heritage and for gamblers at Harrah's Casino), has been closed. The Cherohala Skyway, the most scenic road in this area, has been closed. The Tail of the Dragon, the must fun road to drive in this area, has been closed. Between having to stay in the house all the time and not being able to drive my Reatta this virus is taking a toll on me. Maybe all this will be over soon and we can get back to normal. Stay safe Reatta fans!
  9. A 4 core radiator should have plenty of capacity to cool the engine down. I'm guessing you have an airflow problem caused by a fan not turning on soon enough or the fans aren't working properly. My fans running on high are capable of cooling the engine down with just the stock radiator. Your SC engine might have something to do with it but I don't know what it would be.
  10. I signed up for an account and now I'm all set to get the closeout emails. Thanks for the tip!
  11. I wanted to order new brake rotors and pads for the GMC at the same time I was ordering the shocks. The brake parts were at regular price and they were only slightly cheaper than Amazon. The shocks would be shipped from warehouse A and the brake parts would be shipped from warehouse B. I was surprised to find that they charge a separate shipping charge for each warehouse the parts are shipped from. The shipping on the shocks from Sugar Land, TX (warehouse A) was $11.99. To ship the brake parts from warehouse B they wanted $15.99. I guess because of the additional weight of the brake rotors. If they had just charged one shipping charge for the order I would have purchased the brake parts from them but when you factor in the extra shipping charge from warehouse B Amazon is cheaper on the brake parts. Closeout parts is where the big savings are at RockAuto. How do I get on RockAuto's mailing list to get a Closeout parts list for my Reatta and GMC?
  12. I was wanting to get new shocks for GMC truck and when I saw RockAuto had them on Closeout I decided to give them a shot. They had Gabriel shocks (good brand) for $13.85 each. That is a big savings even over Amazon's price of $29.50 with free shipping. I bought 4 shocks for a total of $71.55 including shipping and tax. That's not a bad price. I ordered on Thursday and they shipped the same day via FedEx. They were scheduled to arrive on Tuesday but FedEx delivered them today. I'm very impressed with the speed they were shipped and how quick they arrived from Sugar Land, TX. When I opened the package I noticed that the side of it was mashed in a little so I opened up all the individual boxes the shocks were in to make sure none of the shocks were damaged. One of the boxes looked like it had been mashed on the side and although the shock didn't look damaged at first, upon closer inspection it had been bent and wouldn't compress at all. I knew it wasn't going to work and would need to be returned... which I was dreading because I didn't know what to expect out of RockAuto. I went straight to the computer and looked for my receipt RockAuto had emailed to me when I purchased the shocks. Right there in the email was a link to RockAuto's Returns webpage. I went through about a 5 minute process of filling out the return form explaining that the shock had been damaged in shipping. I had a choice of getting a refund or a replacement part. I selected replacement. At the end of filling out the form I was told that I would be shipped a replacement shock and I was also told there was NO NEED to send back the damaged shock absorber but I did need to keep the damaged box in case FedEx asked to see it. Because of the Coronavirus I had flattened the shipping box and put it in the trash can but I will keep it in case FedEx wants to see it. 🤣 Twenty minutes after I filled out the return form I got an email saying the replacement shock had been shipped and would arrive on Wednesday. So far I'm extremely happy with RockAuto's service. If they offered free shipping they would be my go-to auto parts store but I've found Amazon beats their regular price on most items I buy if you include the price of shipping in the cost.
  13. I agree that hotter temps probably translate into better gas mileage but that's not a major consideration for me since my Reatta is mainly driven on the weekends. I realize a pressurized coolant system raises the boiling point of the coolant well above 212* and the engine is happy operating that way, but the trade-off is increased pressure that puts additional stress on the hoses and engine gaskets. On older cars I like to keep the engine coolant temperature low. My Reatta seems to perform better when it's running cool. Years ago I added a relay controlled by a temperature probe that turns the radiator fans on at ~190* and off at ~175*. That keeps the engine below the boiling point even when sitting still in traffic.
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