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  1. Had a weird issue this morning when I went to leave for work. I put the car in reverse and it stalled. Started back up, but tested it a couple times and every time I shift into reverse it bogs the engine way down. Seems to be specific to the reverse gear. Thoughts?
  2. yes I did fill the reservoir that way. The level was right at the mark. The other day I pumped the brake pedal until the accumulator was empty to check the level, it was slightly below the mark.
  3. Yeah definitely not two O rings because the old one is on the old accumulator. I did also wet the O ring with brake fluid before installing it like the factory repair manual says to do.
  4. So was doing some follow up inspection of the brake system now that it has been some time since replacing my accumulator and bleeding the brake system. I noticed that the brake fluid level had dropped slightly. On further inspection, I noticed that brake fluid was weeping very slowly from where the accumulator mounts. I can't really tighten it. What do you all think? faulty O ring maybe? I did a search and could not find any forum posts with the same problem. Also, if I take the accumulator back off to replace the O ring, do I have to re-bleed the brake system? The leak is extremely slow as near as I can tell.
  5. So I do have a 98 park avenue with a series 2 motor. The sensor it has looks exactly like the reatta's. I don't know if it is the exact same part but it sure looks like it. I bet you could get a junkyard sensor from any GM 3.8 engine (which is pretty much any car they made throughout the 90s and early 2000s).
  6. Yeah yours does look different than the one on mine too. I actually just found a generic O ring that fit around the shaft right and then cranked it down tight. I thought for sure it would still leak, but so far it hasn't.
  7. thanks for that info. I'll have to check all that and log it in my log book. I plan to do a complete brake fluid flush every year so I can re-check it at the same time at least. I have not checked to see if the switch is leaking yet. Is that hard to do? The lights do go off pretty much at the same time. I do have the GM pressure gauge that you hook up in series with the accumulator so I could check the pressures. I picked it up off of Ebay. I haven't tried measuring anything yet, but might check my system against the numbers you gave.
  8. I went back and checked. I was thinking wrong, it was just under 45 seconds for the ABS and brake lights to go out and 62 second to full charge. That was after sitting overnight.
  9. If you beat me to it, would be interested to see how you do it. Likewise if I do something, I'll be sure to share.
  10. I need to procure myself a backup. On a side note, I've heard the 91 model year used a standard vacuum boosted setup. Is that true? If so are parts for those hard to come by and is there any reason why you couldn't replace the Teves mk II with that if it died?
  11. I need to do test number 1 again from the how to, but un test 2 I get two solid brake pumps before the pump kicks on again. sometimes 2.5. I only got 1 pump every time with the old one. so it's at least an improvement. I've thought about trying to rig up an led on the dash that shows when the pump kicks on, so I can get an idea of how often it cycles and for how long. After sitting over night it takes 30 - 45 seconds to fully charge the accumulator.
  12. thanks 2seater. I bought the Hydac new. Do they age sitting on the shelf or only with use? Either way my brakes seem to be working pretty well so not worried about it.
  13. Even with the straw setup I feel like I couldn't get all of it out of the reservoir, so I just had to pump it all out. It took me a lot of fluid, about 2 of the large break fluid bottles. I do have one more question myself. Does anyone know what the capacity of the Hydac accumulators is supposed to be? I know they are larger and it does seem to take a bit more fluid to fill it up, maybe almost 3/4" drop in the reservoir level. I'll have to get a more accurate measure tomorrow.
  14. Have a suspension question here. Having never owned a convertible before let alone a reatta convertible, I wanted a 2nd take. When I go over bumps in the road sometimes it seems like there is a bit of a side to side wobble in the car. Not wobble in the steering, more like the rear view mirror shakes back and forth a little. I have inspected the suspension components and everything seems pretty tight to me. I mean it is a 30 year old car so I would imagine the shocks are in need of replacing and maybe some of the bushings may be a little worn, but how much of that is "normal"? Is some of that just because it's a convertible and I'm just used to hard top cars, or should I be looking for a problem. Mind you, it's not like it feels like the car is going to fall apart or anything. It really drives quite nice. It just seems to be a little more wobble over bumps than I'm used to.
  15. Oh man you kidding, those GM 3800 V6s are bullet proof. Still think one of the best engines GM ever made. Part of me kind of wants to drop in a series 2 3.8 at some point. Has anyone on here ever done that?
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