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  1. So I plan to do it as part of a more extensive job where I do the intake manifold gasket as well. I'm thinking of going ahead and just replacing. Do you know where I can find the part numbers for the Morse parts? In the event that I cannot find the original morse parts, is there a lesser of evils for aftermarket brands? Just by looking at the pictures on Rock auto, the enginetech sprockets look to be machined parts from the picture, while the other brands look like sintered. Guessing machined would be better but have no idea.
  2. Dave, I was going to replace the cam sensor magnet on my 1990, do you recommend just going ahead and doing the timing chain while I'm at it? Has 135k miles and no issues other than the check engine light being on for the cam magnet.
  3. New picture. Thought of sending to RockAuto for a magnet lol.
  4. Yeah I had some of the same thoughts. Most of my seats are in decent shape especially for 30 years old, but the driver seat has one or two cracks that I'm worried about splitting long term. I was wondering if maybe at least putting the filler would help keep those cracks from splitting down the road.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of doing this to my Reatta driver's seat. it's got some cracking in it and want to keep it from splitting. What do you all think? worth it or too risky?
  6. I have a passenger side motor replacement in my relatively near future I think. It goes up and down a lot slower than the driver's side. I've done that replacement on other 90s GM cars. It's never fun.
  7. oh man I just missed out on a black convertible before I bought this one. It was lower miles and in almost mint shape at least from what I could tell from the pictures. All things considered I'm glad I got this one and I do like the red. It's in pretty good shape for it's age, has about 130k miles but came with a number of problems, most of which I have fixed already. You might notice the black door handle. It's a non painted 1991 replacement. I actually like the black handle look. I want to figure out how to retrofit the 91 handle with the little bracket for the switch, because other than that they are exactly the same. for now it opens the door. I fixed the headlight bell cranks, turn signal canister, brake fluid flush with a new accumulator, new wheel bearings in the front and new IPC. I absolutely love the car and it looks great in the red.
  8. I've never done a timing chain, but I have done timing belts on a subaru outback. I'm always paranoid I'm going to mess something up though.
  9. Dave89, mine has a code E041 as well. I was planning to try and fix it at some point this year and do the water pump and intake manifold gasket. Do you recommend just replacing the chain and gear if you're going to do the magnet? or is there a way to pop the new magnet in without removing the gear?
  10. My Reatta got a wash and wax today! Now I can finally post some real pictures of it.
  11. Here is what my 1990 repair manual says about removing the parking brake cable. Judging from the pictures it looks to be the same as the 1989. steps 4 - 8
  12. Hey everyone! How is quarantine treating you all? Hope everyone is doing ok. I still have both these manuals if anyone wants. Again free to a good home just cover shipping costs.
  13. Not an electrical engineer, but I feel like this would be theoretically possible. Maybe using an arduino or raspberry pi to help with the interface?
  14. Welcome! I would suggest that you spend some time looking through the how-to section of this site to get familiar with all the reatta quirks. Especially familiarize yourself with the brake system, which is quite unique compared to most cars. I'm a recent Reatta owner. mine is a red convertible I bought back in Oct. It was a lowish mile fixer-upper with a body in real good shape. This forum has been an enormous help to me with fixing all the problems with it. I need to take some better pictures of it though.
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