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  1. Not an electrical engineer, but I feel like this would be theoretically possible. Maybe using an arduino or raspberry pi to help with the interface?
  2. Welcome! I would suggest that you spend some time looking through the how-to section of this site to get familiar with all the reatta quirks. Especially familiarize yourself with the brake system, which is quite unique compared to most cars. I'm a recent Reatta owner. mine is a red convertible I bought back in Oct. It was a lowish mile fixer-upper with a body in real good shape. This forum has been an enormous help to me with fixing all the problems with it. I need to take some better pictures of it though.
  3. I think the reverse gear is a red herring honestly. Started it up this morning and no symptoms at all. Shifted into reverse nice and smooth and no stall. It was quite a bit warmer this morning. I think it is an idle problem in cold temperatures. I think I'm going to clean the IAC valve and see what that does.
  4. I think I got the same kind you mention. This stuff
  5. I found this interesting and helpful article about different ATFs: https://www.cartechbooks.com/techtips/autotransfluid
  6. Yeah, I'll have to try that. The last time I drove it, I didn't have the problem. It has only happened twice so far, both on cold mornings. Next cold morning I'm going to try some of these things and see how it goes.
  7. I replaced the O ring on my accumulator today. So far no leaking but will have to keep an eye on it over the next few days. I did confirm the repair manual says nothing about needing to bleed the system after servicing the accumulator.
  8. Ah, I am guessing that is not the problem because it typically shifts rather gently.
  9. I have these two books. they are both in rough shape, but complete. The '91 manual I got from the previous owner of my '90 reatta. The info manual is not a complete repair manual. Didn't realize that when I bought it. Both are free to a good home, just cover shipping.
  10. I will have to try tomorrow morning when it is cold. The pan gasket does leak so I have had to top off the trans fluid. The idle seems right for being cold. Which vacuum line are you talking about?
  11. So getting ready to do a trans fluid change. I was planning on just dropping the pan, replacing the filter and then topping off. The owners manual says to use Dexron II or equivalent. Should I use Dexron III or Mercon V? I was going to use Dex III, but the Bottle for Mercon V says compatible with Dexron II. I think I saw someone on a different forum say not to use the Mercon. What do you all suggest?
  12. only seems to do it when it's cold. Not every time either. Maybe not transmission related. I don't know.
  13. Had a weird issue this morning when I went to leave for work. I put the car in reverse and it stalled. Started back up, but tested it a couple times and every time I shift into reverse it bogs the engine way down. Seems to be specific to the reverse gear. Thoughts?
  14. yes I did fill the reservoir that way. The level was right at the mark. The other day I pumped the brake pedal until the accumulator was empty to check the level, it was slightly below the mark.
  15. Yeah definitely not two O rings because the old one is on the old accumulator. I did also wet the O ring with brake fluid before installing it like the factory repair manual says to do.
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