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  1. Not currently in the market , and hopefully never need one but is the back glass replaceable or are you only able to get them from parts vehicles? Maybe im being a little paranoid but that worries me a bit. I do know that he windshield is around 2 grand on Safelite and they didn't even mention the back in their list of parts.
  2. Ronnie , do you happen to know where any instructions or tips on changing the o2 sensor could be located or any diagrams/pics of where it's actually located?
  3. Im not sure, I just got purchased the car and the O2 sensor wasn't in the list so I may give this a try. Thanks!
  4. I did the seafoam engine cleaning of the intake, changed the IAC, and air filter. Getting pretty good at this, and love how serviceable this car is, but still have a bit of rough idle when engine is hot.
  5. Ah , dang, well mines not number one in sequence. It's a wonder this car was ever actually produced, though I suspect that it was a way to use up some spare Riviera parts since it was a sales flop starting in 86. Who knows, I'm just glad it did.
  6. My only hesitation is the headliner in mine is in pristine condition as is most of the interior, so I hate to cut in to it but I'll probably still go for it. I know this is off topic but is there a way to tell what number in production sequence mine is and how rare the suede/leather combo was, which mine has?
  7. My 88 doesn't have a sunroof and I'd love to get one installed. Has anyone had one installed, and would this hurt the value? Right now Reattas aren't too hot value wise (coupes) , so my thought would be to enjoy it for what it is.
  8. Has anyone tried LED bulbs for the tail lamp assembly? My thought is that they would draw less current and put less load on the electrical system. I had seen posts about mixed results for the headlights, but I wondered about tail lights.
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