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  1. Got issues with the thigh bolster in the 16 way power seat in my ‘90 convertible. All the other seat functions work as they should. I get a clank sound when I use the switch to move the bolster in either direction, and nothing really moves. Appears that the motor is in the center of the bolster and not very accessible. Any suggestions how to get this fixed would be appreciated. Thanks Karl
  2. On my 90 convertible I do not have a working “chime” that lets me know that I’ve left any lights on. I know it’s a minor item, but I’m trying to resolve every item as I find them. Looking through the FSM I see that there is a chime module, but for the life of me I can’t find in the manual where the chime is located, or any trouble shooting directions. Any help will be appreciated. thanks, karl
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