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  1. Happy to report that the white 89 coupe will soon be transported to its new home. Thanks to the forum for your wisdom regarding these unique 2-seaters.
  2. I'm a novice at selling a car like this, and I can assure you, if I were even remotely skilled I would keep the car and enjoy driving it during summers, as I did in the Summer of '18. I do know the history and there is nothing suspect about it, just a series of people who didn't drive it much and kept it garaged. The car is now in the garage of a family member, so I won't be taking underbody photos until the spring. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm not sure that anyone reads posts in this web place. This car is sitting in a garage in Lorain OH, and it's being neglected. Maybe white Reatta coupes are a dime a dozen and for that reason alone there has been little interest. The car runs, the body is close to perfect. The price now is whatever someone will pay. $1000, and the cost to tranport. This car needs to go to someone who will take care of it. Again, if anyone reads these posts and would step up to do right for this car, please call 740.262.1898.
  4. Very clean. Approx 74000 miles. Runs well. No body flaws. Two known mechanical problems have surfaced since original post: windshield wipers need a replaced transmission; AC not working-not holding freon. Four owners none of whom drove the car much but took very good care of it. Always garaged. Have owners manual and repair records. I will respond to inquiries with photos.
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