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  1. What are the consequences of disconnecting the knock sensor?
  2. Got any idea on what code eo 55 is?
  3. Did that.no help. It still idles fast occasionally. Not every time it is started. when it starts and idles fast I shut it off and restart it and it idles normal.
  4. A while ago someone wrote about his engine revving high when he started it. About 1500 if I remember correctly. What was the fix for that? any one remember?
  5. The sensor is relatively new so it should be working.Thanks, I'll try that alos.
  6. I also have a couple of settings on the computer that advance the timing and I have tried them.
  7. Thanks Dave, That is entirely possible.
  8. Thank you 2seater. How in the h--l dp you fix that error?
  9. Thanks Dave. OK, Ronnie, HELP! What is ESC?
  10. Anyone know what an error code of ED 43 means, or maybe it'a ED 43
  11. Today I wired my fans to run on high on command. Even if the air is not on the front fan runs on high when I wish. With the air on both fans will run on high. I have tried to replicate the hood opening as seen in that red coupe, but have been unable to find a custom shop that is willing to take that project on.
  12. I don't know where I read or heard that, but I always thought that it would not start without oil pressure.
  13. Ronie, That's why I asked. I am going to try it. I have LEDs in my third tail light and can't seem to get the cruise control to work,\. If you remember I stated that it would work once and then drop out. I thought it was ahest issue.
  14. I was under the impression that the car will not start if there i no oil pressure.
  15. Has anyone ever heard that LED lights in the third tail light will cause the cruise not to work.? I read it some where, but I have never heard of that before.
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