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  1. I have a 4 core aluminum radiator, 1/4 inch smaller water pump pulley, a 160% thermostat,, fans reset to a lower temp. a scoop under the front grill. That works very well as long as I 'm moving, and I still overheat at a long red light. So what's my problem?
  2. I have driven it a very little. It feels very safe, but a little springy. That's the only way I can describe it, aso it has a different feel to it being high in the rear. But with the air shocks it should feel better. But it is low. My lift is too high with the rubber blocks on it. I nearly dragged it out of the garage when I first moved it.
  3. First thing is to put air shocks on the rear. It's a little to springy. Then I will figure out a plan for the front. I think I know what I am going to do, but I'm not going to spread it around until I see how it works out.
  4. Here are the pictures. What do you think? The ride is a little springer, but I have air shocks I may install.
  5. No, only jumped on it with 250 lbs over and over. Everything is good. I don't believe it weakened it at all, just made it flex more.
  6. The pad is about a 1/2" thick, so I took only about 1/4" off. The pad shows no wear whatsoever. I don't think I need to check the camber, but I'm going to have it checked anyway. Next is the front and maybe a little more in the rear.
  7. By giving the spring, more spring, it flexes more and when it flexes it becomes longer, so I would guess you could take 1/2" to 3/4" off the ends and get a lot more drop.
  8. Here's the old school tech. First I got another spring from Jim Finn. I cleaned it up and put it my vise. wIth a gasket scraper I removed the end pads. Took them to my bandsaw and cut them in half so that they were half as thick. Then I took the (new) spring to my table router and removed 3/16" of material in the areas that you can see in the pictures. Then, with my bandsaw I removed 3/16", material from both ends of the spring. then glued the modified pads back on the ends of the spring. By the way, It is very easy to remove the old spring as long as you soak all bolts for a few days. The actual removal of the spring took about one hour and less to put the modified one back. The only thing I regret is not taking more off the ends, as that seems to be the way to lower it more.
  9. No hybrid parts, all stock. In Fact it was old school tech that got me the two inches.
  10. Ok, So far I have achieved a drop of two (2") in the rear. From 27" at the top of the fender well, to 25" . It looks a little better. No pics yet it's cold , snow and ice. And it's in the garage.
  11. Ronnie, I understand what your saying, but have you looked under the car and seen how close the bottom shock is to the ground? If you moved the wheel up 2" you would be almost on the ground and if you hit something you would wipe out the shock and whatever.
  12. Looks simple, But in reality it's a very complicated process. doing it this way you are changing the whole geometry of the suspension.
  13. 2seater, you are correct. That's the problem. I already checked into it and with alot more money it could be done.
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